Kingdom Hearts Logo

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Players were overjoyed when Kingdom Hearts rapidly shot to the highest position of the “Best PlayStation 2 Games” list, while critics lauded it from the start. The new idea was bound for commercial success. The enthusiasm was just enormous, with discs selling like hotcakes and advertisements promoting Kingdom Hearts everywhere. Since the Japanese game was primarily intended for a Western audience, the majority of the community formed in the US. Kingdom Hearts was not particularly admired in its native nation. A game of this level would not exist without several collector’s editions, independently released soundtracks, figures, and other accessories, all of which sold out almost as soon as the game did. Additionally, a manga was published, altering the game’s plot a bit and adding a comedic twist. The brave endeavor was fruitful, and Kingdom Hearts emerged as a superb video game. Many beloved characters and worlds, an intriguing plot, engaging music, an exhilarating fighting system, and an adventurous spirit are all present. All of this contributes to a distinctive gaming experience and a genuinely youthful joy. It was impossible for Kingdom Hearts to go on without a sequel.

Meaning and History

As the authors of Kingdom Hearts admit, the idea for the game came to them by accident. In February 2000, Square Enix employees Tetsuo Nomura and Shinji Hashimoto shared a crazy idea with Disney representatives during a chance meeting (in an elevator). Creative Japanese proposed mixing Disney and Final Fantasy characters. Tetsuo Nomura became the project director and its chief designer. It took more than a year to sort out all the formalities and soon Kingdom Hearts, a unique game in many ways that combines the cultures of the West and the East, was presented to the public for the first time. Since then, multiple new series have been developed.

What is Kingdom Hearts?
Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts franchise has become an international JRPG gaming sensation since 2002. Here players will meet their favorite Disney characters, as well as various characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, The Little Mermaid, and many other universes. From Walt Disney, the game received a kind fairy-tale world and charming characters familiar to everyone from childhood, and from the Japanese, it received a heart-tugging plot and the ability to assemble all the components into a single whole that works like an expensive Swiss watch. In two years, the vague concept turned into a real game.


Kingdom Hearts Logo

The logo of the game series is whimsical and magical with a touch of mystery and some darkness. At the same time, one can see an elegant heart with a crown in the background, which hints at a love theme. The designers did a great job reflecting the different themes and characters that were combined in the game. The game name is done using a Gothic font style in a black and dark gray color palette. The characters have sharp pointed ends that give the logo a daring appearance, while the black color creates a feeling of depth and unknown, yet-to-be-explored space. While the inscription has a smooth gradient, the heart features a metallic finish with a diagonal line pattern. The small crown at the top of the hearth is made in metallic silver and has a three-dimensional appearance.

Font and Color

Kingdom Hearts Emblem

The dark gray and black color palette not only gave the logo a timeless appearance but also set a perfect mood for the game. There was darkness, mystery, sophistication, strength, and power. The metallic color of the crown added a positive note, while the gradient added a touch of softness.

The designers chose a Gothic font for the inscription. The varying thickness of the strokes and sharp, pointed ends gave the logo a bold and daring appearance. They also reminded of swords and knives used back in the time. All the letters were closely spaced, enhancing the feeling of mystery and thrill.