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Being one of the biggest and fastest-growing strategic consulting companies globally, Kearney focuses on finding solutions for management issues. Although the world has undergone a lot of changes, companies still greatly benefit from the knowledge and experience of consultants as they try to navigate hardships and challenges. At Kearney, the consultants not only provide advice, but also help to implement all the ideas, strategies, and plans. This allowed the company to achieve the best results and not just have a good proposition on paper.

Meaning and History

Kearney Logo history

Founded in 1926 in Chicago by James O. McKinsey, the company had Tom Kearney join as a partner only in 1929. The skills and expertise of both complemented each other and allowed the company to provide more comprehensive assistance. After McKinsey passed away in 1937, Tom led the company, known as McKinsey, A.T. Kearney, and Company at the time. A.T. Kearney and Company, the name it had since 1947, has been operating successfully in Europe since 1964 and expanded to other countries of the world as well. After merging with a technology consultancy company in 2005, A.T. Kearney realized that the values that brought it where it was at the time got lost. Thus, a hard decision to buy back the company and bring it back to its original glory was made. It proved to be the right decision as the company now has close to six thousand highly qualified consultancy workers who provide services in over 40 countries.

What is Kearney?
Kearney is one of the top international management consulting firms. A century-long experience earned it not only respect but also a good client base that spans across 40 countries. Its recent rebranding showed that the company became successful not only thanks to the founder but also to the contributions of a whole community of employees.

???? – 2020

Kearney Logo old

This logo has been used by the company until its rebranding in 2020. It consists of only the name, which is printed using two fonts. The initials are done using thinner strokes, while a bolder font for the last name places an accent on this portion of the name. This shows that even before rebranding, the last name was emphasized. The solid red symbolizes its dedication to boldness, devotion, curiosity, helping others, and togetherness.

2020 – Today

Kearney Logo

This logo reflects the name change as the organization has rebranded as Kearney and removed the founder Andrew Thomas Kearney’s initials from the company name. The company also decided to go for a classic black-and-white color palette to give its logo a timeless and professional look. All the characters are capitalized and widely spaced apart to make the inscription look substantial. Thanks to this, the designers were able to use relatively fine strokes and give the logo a refined and elegant appearance that was enhanced by a clean and simple font choice. The latter features wide characters with straight strokes and cuts, including the letter “A” with a straight top.

Font and Color

Kearney Emblem

The font choices in both versions do not have serifs and feature rather a clean and simple design. However, originally, the company went for a fancier, almost cursive-like, font that featured bolder strokes with finer ends. The font closely resembled Crique Grotesk Display Italic font for the “AT” part and Urbane Bold Italic with a slightly modified “y” for “Kearney”. Later, it was replaced by a completely different font that was more like the Belfast Grotesk Regular font.

The scarlet red color seen in the earlier logo version is a perfect shade of red. It does not evoke negative emotions and rather conveys the power and strength of this color. It radiates energy and confidence. The black, which was introduced relatively recently, is also a powerful color that is associated with authority and strength. However, this color also has more elegance, formality, and sophistication about it. It looks calmer and less intimidating than the red choice. It is a timeless choice for logos in any industry.