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Kahoot! is a groundbreaking game-based education software. It encompasses a range of quizzes with numerous answer options accessible via the eponymous app or web browser. Its creators, Jamie Brooker, Johan Brand, and Morten Versvik, in partnership with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, unveiled the release version in the autumn of 2013. This innovative approach to learning has garnered global acclaim, available in multiple European languages.

Meaning and History

In 2012, a trio of visionaries conceived the idea of transformative educational software. This trio embarked on their mission and was then joined by Alf Inge Wang, an esteemed lecturer, and Asmund Furuseth, a Norwegian entrepreneur who provided crucial funding.

The startup underwent its maiden test launch in late 2013 at SXSWedu, culminating in a successful beta version. Later that same year, Kahoot! was officially released to the public. Kahoot!’s core concept revolves around gamifying quizzes as a means of reinforcing acquired knowledge, a departure from conventional paper-based assessments.

This innovative approach has yielded remarkable results among students and learners. Educators can select from various testing formats, even creating custom questions and answers independently. Through ongoing enhancements, Kahoot! has broadened its accessibility, catering to both PC web browsers and mobile web interfaces. In 2017, an accompanying homework app was introduced, further cementing its influence in the realm of education.

By 2020, the platform’s valuation had soared to an impressive $1.5 billion. The acquisition of SSO Clever, Inc., a digital learning program, for $500 million in 2021 underscored its continued growth and prominence in this sector.

What is Kahoot?
Kahoot is a piece of software used for educational purposes by schools and colleges. It offers gamifized quizzes and surveys with plenty of response options. It’s available free in browsers or via an application. The app has earned a worldwide consideration since its launch in 2013 in Norway.

2013 – today

Kahoot Logo

The logo of Kahoot! has an attractive look and consists of a word mark typed in a customized font. The letters are in a somewhat sharp typographic style with unequal proportions and thickness of the lower ends compared to the upper ends. In addition, some letters are smaller than others, so they are not arranged on the same level.


Kahoot Emblem

The game’s chromatic palette consists of just two hues – violet and white. It’s a perfect combination to exude playfulness that is attached to education.


Kahoot Symbol

The typeface of Kahoot! word mark doesn’t have any serifs and decorative elements. Yet it’s still eye-catching due to bold letterforms and unequal proportions.