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Followers of the JW (Jehovah’s Witnesses) movement believe that they are witnessing to the people around them about Jehovah God (a variant transcription of one of the names of God). Jehovah’s Witnesses call themselves Christians, but they claim that Christ is not God, but only the creation of God, or more precisely, Archangel Michael. They deny most Christian dogmas, including the creation of the world, the immortality of the soul, and the doctrine of the Trinity.

Meaning and History

The modern history of Jehovah’s Witnesses begins with the Bible Students Circle, founded in 1870 in the USA in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) by Charles Taze Russell. Russell published his writings on the “end times” and founded the International Association of Bible Students. On December 18, 1884, the Zion’s Watch Tower Society became the publishing branch of the Association, expanding Charles’s influence. The new leader in 1916 was “Judge” Joseph Rutherford. Under Rutherford’s leadership, the publishing house merged with the church and formed the religious corporation that still exists today. In 1931 the name “Jehovah’s Witnesses” was adopted. The total number of active members of the movement is now estimated at 8.5 million people. Sermons are carried out in around 250 countries around the world.

What is JW Org?
JW.org or Jehovah’s Witnesses is a website of an international religious organization founded in the United States. The main activity of the organization is the spreading of its teachings and relevant literature. In many countries, the activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses are prohibited.

???? – Today

JW Org Logo

The logo of the organization or rather its online identity looks very minimalistic and does not tell much about the organization it represents. They even decided to use an abbreviated name to further conceal their identity from anyone who is not familiar with it. The logo consists of two large letters “JW” and “.ORG” printed in smaller caps underneath. The white lettering is set against a grayish-blue square that compliments a clean and simple inscription.

Font and Color

JW Org Emblem

The organization uses a blue color for its logo, which is the color of peace. It makes one feel confident and secure, uplifts, and enlightens. This color is also often associated with faith. At the same time, this is a pretty universal logo color that is used in many spheres and the white inscriptions look well against it.

The website name is printed using a sans-serif font similar to Vernon, Source Han Sans K Normal by Adobe Systems Incorporated, or Noto Sans CJK KR DemiLight font by Adobe Systems Incorporated.