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The iPhone is a mobile device made by Apple in an attempt to create a sophisticated ecosystem of solutions for users’ everyday tasks that include call-to-call communication, texting, listening to music and browsing the internet and applications that make life easier. Developed in 2007, the iPhone has essentially become the centrepiece of Apple’s modern portfolio.

Meaning and History

iPhone Logo history

The iPhone, launched by Apple Inc. in 2007, dramatically transformed the smartphone landscape with its innovative touchscreen interface and minimalistic design. Initially a combination of an iPod, mobile phone, and internet communicator, it quickly evolved with significant innovations like the App Store, 3G support, Retina display, and FaceTime.

Post-2011, the focus shifted to refining design and expanding features, with larger screens introduced in the iPhone 5 and 6 series, and technological leaps in camera systems, processing power, and software capabilities.

The integration with Apple’s family of products deepened, and innovations like Face ID and augmented reality features in later models like the iPhone X, have continuously kept the iPhone at the cutting edge of smartphone technology.

What is iPhone?
The iPhone is a mobile device developed by Apple in 2007 to provide people with a convenient and elegant solution for communication, web browsing, listening to music and more. The product is known for its innovation: the iPhone’s features are often several years ahead of its competitors, while the phone itself has excellent build quality in all its iterations, the most recent of which is the iPhone 15.

2007 – 2013

iPhone Logo 2007

This era’s logo showcases a sleek, minimalist Apple icon above the word ‘iPhone’ in a sans-serif typeface. The use of black for the Apple logo signifies sophistication, while the simplicity of the design reflects Apple’s emphasis on ease of use and elegant design. The font choice is modern and clean, suggesting a user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology.

2012 – 2016

iPhone Logo 2012

During this period, the Apple logo remains unchanged, symbolizing the brand’s consistency and reliability. However, the word ‘iPhone’ undergoes a subtle change, adopting a lighter typeface with more space between the letters, known as kerning. This evolution indicates a focus on clarity and refinement, paralleling the company’s advancements in screen technology and user experience.

2016 – today

iPhone Logo

In the current logo, the Apple icon is removed, leaving only the word ‘iPhone’ in a bold, sans-serif font. The focus is solely on the product name, which now stands alone, representing the iPhone’s established dominance and recognizability in the market. The boldness of the font conveys confidence and impact, aligning with the iPhone’s significant influence on technology and culture.


iPhone Symbol

Innovative yet committed to its sophisticated, elegant and even luxurious aesthetic, the iPhone logo adheres to a strict black-and-white color scheme.


iPhone Emblem

The name’s typeface also follows the brand’s sophisticated image, featuring classic semi-bold characters without serifs.