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INFLACT is focused on providing services for small, medium-sized companies and bloggers. Along with automated interaction with your target audience (likes and story views), it offers services such as full scheduled publishing and Instagram chat with CRM features and automated messaging. It’s a web-based service, so you can use it from any device.

Meaning and history

INFLACT is a versatile set of tools that allows you to maximize sales through Instagram. The service is paid, but its possibilities are practically limitless. In other words, INFLACT is an Instagram bot built with artificial intelligence that can help you increase your engagement and get more followers to your account in the most efficient way possible.

The program was first introduced in 2021 as Ingramer. Back then it was already quite a multifunctional and effective instrument for Instagram marketing, but in time the service only evolved, and when in 2020 Ingramer was rebranded into INFLACT, its functions were elevated to the top.

Today the service offers a range of easy-to-use tools, that help you attract hundreds of real subscribers interested in your content. For example, using the Instagram Direct module, you can set up automatic replies based on keywords, and manage bulk posting. INFLACT also allows you to schedule the publication of posts, images, videos, and stories. The hashtag generator is also useful: more than 12 million keyword combinations are currently available. The library is regularly updated.

Among other things, INFLACT offers additional tools for a convenient and efficient Instagram presence: hashtag generator and analyzer, Instagram uploader, profile analyzer, Instagram search, and anonymous story browsing.

What is INFLACT?
INFLACT is the name of an online tool, designed to enhance and improve the Instagram activity of a user. The service offers several instruments to gain more followers for your account and increase your engagement in the process. INFLACT was introduced in 2021 under the name Ingramer and rebranded in 2022.

In terms of visual identity, INFLACT is very solid and confident. The logo of the web-tool is designed in a classy color palette, which enhances the sense of quality and excellence, while the shapes of the characters and a small graphical element inscribed in the lettering, make the emblem look fancy and sleek.

2022 – Today

Inflact Logo

The INFLACT logo, created after the Ingramer rebranding in 2022, is composed of a stylized lowercase inscription with the letter “F” replaced by an elegant graphical element with a little flame on top. The whole composition apart from the flame, which is red, is executed in solid black, which creates a serious and reliable image for the service. The INFLACT badge represents a successful company, which is constantly evolving and enhancing its options and instruments so that the users can benefit greatly from it.

Font and color

Inflact Emblem

The lowercase lettering from the INFLACT primary badge is set in a stylish sans-serif typeface with smooth angles and playfully cut tails of the bars. It is a custom font, where the slightly slanted characters create a friendly image, yet the heaviness of the lines makes the inscription look confident and professional.

As for the color palette of the INFLACT visual identity, it is based on the traditional combination of black and red, with the elements set on a plain white background. This color scheme is a classic in logo design and always works as a sign of quality, responsibility, and trustworthiness.