Indigo Logo

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IndiGo is among the most established airlines in India. It operates internationally as a low-cost cargo and passenger carrier. It has a massive fleet of 270+ aircraft vehicles, including the most modern Boeing and Airbus models. This fleet allows Indigo to make 1500+ daily flights to 75 domestic and 25 international destinations.

Meaning and History

The airline was founded in 2006 in Gurgaon, India, and conducted its first flight from Delhi to Imphal shortly afterward. It came to rise due to high-quality flight experience, accessible for a small price. Throughout this period, they’ve made a lot of partnerships, which enabled them to grow a fleet and start flying across India and Asia. By 2023, it has become the largest airline in India by market share, with over 50% of domestic flights made via Indigo.

What is IndiGo?
IndiGo is an Indian air company that provides international and domestic flight operations using its fleet of 270. It offers a low-cost experience, characterized by a high level of comfort.

2006 – today

Indigo Logo

The company’s logotype features a dark blue square with multiple white circles in its upper right corner. They are composed in a shape reminiscent of a jet. The nameplate is written in a custom typeface and placed at the bottom of the square.


Indigo Emblem

The airline’s wordmark and emblem are typically white, creating a striking and easily recognizable contrast against the blue background. However, it’s worth noting that IndiGo may occasionally use a reversed color scheme.


Indigo Symbol

IndiGo uses a streamlined typeface that features rounded lowercase letters. The only capital characters are ‘G’ and ‘I’