Indeed, a subsidiary of Recruit Holdings, is a leading online employment marketplace, facilitating job hunting globally. Founded in Austin, Texas, it operates in more than 60 countries, offering millions job listings, company reviews, and salary comparisons.

Meaning and history

Indeed Logo history

Indeed was founded by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan in 2004. This Austin-based job search engine quickly gained traction and set a milestone by becoming the most visited job site in the United States in 2010. Over the years, Indeed has revolutionized the job market with features like resume uploading, job trends, and salary comparisons. As of today, it is a subsidiary of Recruit Holdings and operates in over 60 countries, continuing its mission to help people get jobs.

As for the functionality of the site, it is as comprehensive and user-friendly as possible. Indeed publishes lists of offers in every industry, from entry-level to managerial. Also, a job seeker can immediately determine exactly how he or she wants to work – it can be either freelance, internship, part-time, or full-time. Registration on the site is completely free for candidates.

What is Indeed?
Indeed is a prominent job search engine, launched in 2004, facilitating job hunting across the globe. Owned by Recruit Holdings, it offers services like job listings, company reviews, and salary comparisons.

2004 – 2021

Indeed Logo 2004

The original Indeed logo was based on lowercase lettering in a rounded sans-serif typeface; which was perfectly balanced in terms of spacing and sizes. The inscription was set in a bright shade of blue against a white background and accompanied by a delicate graphical element, an arched stroke, set above the first letter of the wordmark, the ā€œIā€.

2021 – now

Indeed Logo

The redesign of 2021 has kept the style and the typeface of the original Indeed badge, and only switched its shade of blue to a darker one, creating a more serious and professional logo, which looks stable and evokes a sense of expertise and security.

Font and color

The minimalistic lowercase lettering on the official logo of the Indeed platform is set in a soft sans-serif typeface, which is very close to such popular fonts as Arial Pro Rounded Bold, or BB Anonym (Pro) Medium, but with the customized letter ā€œIā€, which makes the whole inscription unique.

The deep and dark shade of blue, used for the Indeed insignia, looks serious and professional, representing a reliable high-quality service and making its users feel confident and safe while using the platform.