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i-Ready uses advanced technology to conduct in-depth, personalized assessments of a student. This is a special educational program that analyses the readiness level of children and, in the form of video games, gives them tasks appropriate to their level. In addition to grades, parents and teachers receive printouts charting the student’s progress.

Meaning and History

i-Ready Logo history

This e-learning tool was developed for several years before it was launched in 2011 by Curriculum Associates, LLC, which was founded a little over forty years earlier. The developers used input from educators and combined it with modern technological advancements to create a program that would assist teachers and parents in determining where a student needs a little more work and which topics they know well. It is available for both mobile devices and computers. i-Ready can be accessed by registered students through the i-Ready Learning program.

What is i-Ready?
I-Ready Diagnostic is a computer-based adaptive assessment that identifies student strengths and areas for growth in reading and math. It also measures progress and supports data-driven differentiated instruction.

2009 – 2014

i-Ready Logo 2009

The light green color instantly gives positive feelings, which is exactly what one would want to experience when starting a learning journey. The name is printed using a simple and clean font, hinting at the simplicity of the i-Ready educational material. The inscription is accompanied by a cube that was meant to symbolize mathematics lessons. It is a simple, yet easily recognizable logo.

2014 – 2021

i-Ready Logo 2014

In 2014, the company took it a step further and gave the logo a bit more color. The green background was gone. Instead, the designers used this green along with orange and lightly blue to color the three visible sides of the cube. The latter was placed above the name, which was printed in black, bold, sans-serif font. The font had rounded cuts. This logo turned out more kid-friendly and brought about happy and encouraging emotions.

2021 – Today

i-Ready Logo

This version looks a lot like the previous one. The designers added a little more sharpness both to the cube and the inscription to make it look cleaner and more modern. In addition, they brought the cube back to the left position and turned it to show more of the top. It was a nice modification that allowed the platform to stay recognizable and at the same time show the users that they are improving and innovating.

Font and Color

i-Ready Emblem

There are several fonts that closely resemble a sans-serif font used in the 2021 logo. These include VVE Giallo Medium, Touche Medium, and Dupli Semibold. Earlier, the logo had a font that looked surprisingly like Arial Rounded WGL Bold font.

The green color, which was the main color in the first logo and can also be seen in the later versions, can represent new beginnings and growth. The 2014 logo also introduced orange, which is associated with optimism and energy, as well as light blue, a color of stability and wisdom.