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Grant Thornton is a leading global network that provides audit services and consults on tax and financial matters that include business planning, analysis of financial risks, the attraction of financial capital, as well as the construction of financial models of companies. It also does valuation and accounting outsourcing services among other activities. It is worth noting that Grant Thornton does not directly provide services to clients. Services are provided by member companies of the organization.

Meaning and History

Founded in 1924, Grant Thornton has over a century of experience assisting businesses in developing and implementing their strategic plans. It all started in Chicago when 26-year-old Alexander Richardson Grant established Alexander Grant & Co.  Following Grant’s passing in 1938, Alexander Grant & Co. saw a managerial shift while maintaining its national expansion. It joined forces with several dozen other businesses to become the international Grant Thornton group in 1980. The name Alexander Grant & Co. and Thornton Baker changed to Grant Thornton in 1986. The founder was dedicated to working with medium-sized businesses. It is not surprising that Grant Thornton, the fifth largest accountancy firm, has decided to stop competing with the Big Four for major clients. This does not limit its success. Currently, the company provides services in over 130 countries and unites about 70,000 employees, with about 8K working in the US.

What is Grant Thornton?
Grant Thornton has been providing audit, consulting, and legal services for over 100 years. As a global association, it brings together standalone businesses that offer audit, tax, and advisory services. The company has scale coupled with local market understanding.

1998 – Today

Grant Thornton Logo

The name and slogan make up the logo, which is embellished by a round element on the left. The symbol is said to be inspired by the Mobius strip. Its qualities perfectly reflect the essence of Grant Thornton’s services. They are three-dimensional and flexible, yet have constancy when it comes to expertise. It also symbolizes all the different locations coming together under one brand. The name is printed using a sans-serif font of a black color and features closely spaced characters. All these features create an image of a strong and professional company. The slogan is done using the same font. However, smaller characters and purple color distinguish it from the main line that carries the name. A simple and clean design of the logo with a meaning behind the elements used creates a brand image that will never get old.

Font and Color

Grant Thornton Emblem

The company name in the logo is printed using a sans-serif font similar to Ossem Regular by Alexander Nedelev & Kiril Semkov or Franko Regular font. As for the slogan, it features the same font, just using smaller characters and a different color. A clean and simple font choice allowed the logo to look professional and suitable for a company that deals with financial and legal data.

Although the name is done in classic and timeless black, it is the purple color that catches the attention and gives the logo that unique touch. The purple color is associated with wisdom and creativity. It also has strong associations with power, dignity, and ambition.