Google Drive, owned by the tech giant Google, provides cloud storage and synchronization services to millions globally. Launched in 2012, it operates via data centers worldwide, securely handling users’ files across multiple devices.

Meaning and history

Google Drive Logo history

Google Drive was established by Google Inc. in 2012, offering groundbreaking cloud storage and synchronization. It became a milestone, hosting billions of files and fostering seamless collaboration. As of now, Google Drive continues to innovate, maintaining a strong presence in the cloud storage market.

What is Google Drive?
Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service launched by Google in 2012. It offers file backup, synchronization, and collaboration tools to users globally.

2012 – 2014

Google Drive Logo 2012

The original Google Drive logo was introduced in 2012 and featured a geometric image in three main colors — green, yellow, and blue, and their darker shades for small shadowed areas. The image depicted a ribbon, folded in a shape of a triangle, where each of the sides was colored in its shade.

2014 – 2020

Google Drive Logo 2014

The redesign of 2014 has kept the original idea and color palette of the Google Drive logo, but slightly modified the shadowed areas, and instead of two narrow triangular elements now there was only one, placed in the bottom left part of the main figure of the badge.

2020 – now

Google Drive Logo

In 2020 the contours of the Google Drive icon got rounded and its color palette has been extended to four shades, with a small red triangle added to green, blue, and yellow figures, forming a recognizable trapezoid sign. Also, two darker green and blue elements were added to the composition, in the overlapping areas, and the small shadowed triangle was removed.