Fox News, a flagship of the Fox Broadcasting Company under the expansive Fox Corporation multimedia holding, stands as a polarizing force, drawing fervent supporters and vehement critics alike, yet united by its unparalleled daily viewership averaging over 1.2 million. Since its inception in 1996, the network’s programming has remained under the stewardship of the Fox Broadcasting Company.

Meaning and History

Fox News Logo history

Labeled often as a conservative news channel, Fox News’ ideological footprint is not only evident in its editorial standpoint but also in its emblematic evolution. Across two decades, the network has undergone shifts in its color palette while maintaining a semblance of consistency, primarily in its font selection.

What is Fox News?
Fox News, abbreviated as FNC, stands as the most pervasive American cable network, delivering a blend of news, entertainment, and political content across broadcast and digital platforms. Founded in 1996 by media titan Rupert Murdoch, it emerged as a bastion for conservative viewpoints. Operating from its New York City headquarters, the network continues to shape the media landscape with its distinct ideological stance.

1990 – 1996

Fox News Logo 1990

The logo is a graphic representation for Fox News Channel, a prominent American cable news network. The logo features bold, block-letter typography with the word “FOX” dominating the upper half of the design. The letters are oversized and have a three-dimensional look, casting shadows that create depth, emphasizing the prominence of the network’s name. Below “FOX,” the words “news channel” are written in smaller, but still substantial, capital letters. The color scheme is a stark black and white, which offers a strong contrast, symbolizing the network’s assertive approach to delivering news. The background contains abstract geometric lines in lighter shades, suggesting a globe or a web of information that represents the network’s global reach and connectivity. The overall design of the logo is bold and assertive, much like the network’s approach to news broadcasting, and is designed for high visibility and recognition.

1996 – 2002

Fox News Logo 1996

The initial logo featured two distinct quadrangles. A dominant black square housed the channel’s name, while elongated beams, reminiscent of searchlights, emanated from the lower-left corner. A subtle red arched line traversed the background, with a narrow red rectangle beneath, hosting the word “channel,” all in bold white font.

2002 – 2017

Fox News Logo 2002

An updated version emerged in 2002, showcasing a dark blue square sans the red line. Notably, the letter “C” in “channel” adhered to capitalization norms.

2017 – today

Fox News Logo

Further evolution occurred in 2017, introducing a lighter blue tone and a slightly darker red. A white curved line resurfaced behind the FOX NEWS lettering. Noteworthy was the adoption of lowercase letters in bold for the word “channel.”

The emblem intricately blends geometric patterns with textual elements, encapsulating the channel’s corporate identity. Prominent are the expanding stripes, reminiscent of spotlight beams, symbolizing Fox News’ connectivity in media and its multi-faceted coverage of events.


Fox News Symbol

The font used in the labels draws inspiration from FF Good OT Black and its free counterpart, Wendelin-Fett Font, with minor typographic enhancements for improved legibility.


Fox News Emblem

The logo maintains a tricolor scheme, harmonizing red, white, and blue shades in tandem with the channel’s overall design ethos.