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The genre of the Fortnite computer game is survival with an open world. It is a game where you need to be smart, quickly adapt to the environment, collect resources during the day, and be able to fight for your life and survive at night. There are two game modes. In Fortnite, 100 players fight against each other on a large map. Weapons can be found on the floor or in chests. After you are “killed”, you go back to the start of the game. To win, you must be the last survivor.

Meaning and History

Fortnite Logo history

Tim Sweeney is the CEO of Epic Games and the original creator of Fortnite. Fortnite was announced on December 10, 2011, and then it only had a PVE (player versus bot) mode, which was paid, and the number of simultaneously playing players did not exceed 100. On July 25, 2017, a PVP mode (player versus player) was added to Fortnite and the game became free. In 2017, it was released for gaming platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation 4. In 2019, the full version was released. The computer game “Fortnite” won the “Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay” nomination in 2018.

What is Fortnite?
Fortnite is a computer game developed by the American company Epic Games in collaboration with the Polish studio People Can Fly. One game from start to end lasts 20 to 35 minutes. Fortnite is extremely popular due to its low age rating, but also because there is no violence and gore like in GTA, and all players are projections.

2011 – 2012

Fortnite Logo 2011

A very creative and apocalyptic-style of logo was presented with the game announcement in 2011. Each character of the game’s name was formed from various elements found in the game, such as ladders, bricks, wood slabs, and even a road sign. Such a unique inscription was placed on a black rectangular background. As the moon crescent hints, it is meant to represent the terrifying and risky nighttime when survival skills are tested to the maximum.

2012 – 2014

Fortnite Logo 2012

The designers were surely inspired by the original version. The main color is black, which creates a feeling of mystery and danger. The name was no longer as much whimsical and textured. Instead, the designers used wood planks to form the letters. The planks had white details along with white nail heads, which added texture and interest to the emblem. Combined with the dark color, the sharp, pointed angles were a perfect match for a game full of dangers.

2014 – Today

Fortnite Logo

A solid, more stylish, and modern logo was introduced a few years later. The different heights of the letters and uneven lengths of the strokes gave the logo a playful nature. Such an approach also made the font resemble the previous logo, where wood planks were simply hammered together, so to say, to form the letters. In fact, it looked like the designers simply made the strokes solid and cleaned up the lines to give the emblem a fresh look.

Font and Color

The designers of the game logo used a custom font for the original logo. The next two are based on Burbank Big Condensed Black font by Tal Leming. The varying height of the letters and length of the strokes as well as the general imperfection of the letters match the unexpected turns in the game and create a feeling of risk and adventure. Although the original logo had a rusty, dark color palette, the company later transitioned to a solid black with white accents. Despite a slightly varying color palette, all the emblems had the same dark, dangerous, and alarming feel.