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Farmers Insurance Group (or Farmers informally) is an American insider group of cars`, homes` and small businesses` insurance. It also provides other insurance products and financial services. Farmers Insurance has more than 48,000 exclusive and independent agents and approximately 21,000 employees. Farmers Insurance is the trade name of three companies: RECI, Farmers, Fire and Truck, owned by their policy holders.

What is a curious fact about Farmers Insurance?
Farmers Insurance Group’s television ads usually center around “Farmers University”, a fictional institution in which Professor Nathaniel Burke (J. K. Simmons) trains Farmers` workers in various unusual insurance claims (often involving disgusting animals) that the company covers.

Meaning and History

Farmers-Insurance Group logo history

The logo Farmers Insurance depicts a red-maroon shield on the background of two stars (white and blue). In their turn, both stars are depicted on the blue hemisphere. The brand name is located under the image. In this case, the first word of the name is depicted in blue letters from a capital letter, and the second word– in red from a small letter.

1928 – 1940’s

Farmers Insurance Logo 1928

1940’s – 2013

Farmers Insurance Logo 1940

2013 – now

Farmers-Insurance Group logo

Font and Color

The logo has 4 corporate colors:

  • Dark Blue (HEX: #1C428B RGB: 28, 66, 139)
  • Light blue (HEX: #A6C3E9 RGB: 166, 195, 233)
  • Red (HEX: #E11631RGB: 225, 22, 49)
  • Burgundy (HEX: #A20F30 RGB: 162, 15, 48).

The blue color is the basis of the logo. This color has a strong influence on the human psyche. It carries a sense of honor, loyalty, high intelligence, stability, harmony, trust, conservatism, security, loyalty, order and stability.

Of course, the accents in the logo are arranged in shades of red. Red attracts attention and demonstrates strength, passion and power.

Red and blue are considered one of the successful combinations in logos.