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EspacioAPK is known for providing APK files that are used to install applications on Android devices. This website has earned its position as one of the best games and application download options for Android devices. Users can find a wide variety of applications and games with special features. It’s really well-organized, which makes finding games and applications lot simpler. Furthermore, there is a section with all the apps categorized into over fifteen distinct groups.

Meaning and History

EspacioAPK is owned by Espacio Retailers Limited. The EspacioAPK team is constantly updating the list of available APK files to keep up with modern app market trends and user requirements. Although this platform has very good reviews, you need to be aware of everything you encounter when downloading apps from unofficial app stores. Of course, it is worth clarifying that EspacioAPK is used by millions of users around the world. According to multiple reviews, its use is completely safe, effective, and fast.

What is EspacioAPK?
EspacioAPK is a third-party application platform designed for Android devices. It offers a wide range of applications, some of which may not be available on the Google Play Store. The best part about this platform is that users do not have to pay anything to get the desired applications.


EspacioAPK Logo

The company created a professional-looking logo for its platform, which instantly raised its trustworthiness level. The black, rectangular background allows other elements to stand out. This includes the full name of the platform, which is printed in white, uppercase letters. The designers went for a rather traditional font. The star here, though, is the small green character on the left. It is no doubt that it was drawn to resemble the Android green robot. This logo features only the head of the robot. It has some volume and features the cutest and friendliest expression, welcoming everyone to the EpacioAPK platform. The use of this character makes it instantly clear for the viewer what the platform has to offer.

Font and Color

EspacioAPK Emblem

Torus Pro Semi Bold or a similar font is used in this logo. It is a simple, sans-serif font with rounded strokes that create a user-friendly image of the platform. This is exactly what EpacioAPK would want to achieve.

The black backdrop gives the logo a sophisticated look that makes the visitor believe that this is a serious and trustworthy platform. There is also a contrasting white. The green color, though, steals the attention and creates an association with order, stability, and eco-orientation of the company.