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Einthusan is a video streaming service created for the South Asian audience.  Interest in the platform is fueled by constant content updates, personalized selections, and most importantly, the ability to use them from a smartphone, laptop, computer, or even a smart TV. The website offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and programs in Hindi and other dialects from the region.

Meaning and history

Streaming content is becoming so popular that it is taking more and more viewers from television and more and more listeners from radio stations.

Streaming services work on the principle of transferring content from the provider to the user. All content is already uploaded on a third-party server, and the user does not need to download anything to watch or listen to it. The content is streamed in real-time, and the speed of uploading directly depends on the user’s internet speed.

One such service is Einthusan, created in Canada in 2011, but aimed at South Asian audiences. The platform has a constantly growing list of movies and TV series with a convenient recommendation system and the ability to watch movies in different languages of the region.

The mission of the Einthusan platform is not only to enable South Asians to enjoy watching movies and TV shows but also to introduce the world to quality content from the region.

What is Einthusan?
Einthusan is the name of the online video streaming service with a wide range of films and TV shown in Hindi and Tamil. Even though the platform is fully focused on South Asia, it is today banned in India due to copyright violations. Einthusan was founded in Canada in 2011.

In terms of visual identity, Einthusan is quite delicate, yet still has a progressive vibe in its logo. The simple black lettering benefits from the elegant shapes of the title case cursive characters, and the narrowed shapes of the letters make up a very interesting balance with the extra-thick bars.

2011 – Today

Einthusan Logo

The logo of the Einthusan platform is based on bold script lettering in the title case. Executed in solid black lines, the inscription features rounded angles, narrowed shapes of the characters, and a slight slant to the right. The most recognizable element in the Einthusan logo is the capital “E”, which is also used as the icon and the signifier of the streaming service. In the case of the icon, the capital black “E” is set on a transparent background.

Font and color

The elegant cursive lettering from the primary Einthusan logo is set in the title case of a custom script typeface, which looks pretty close to such commercial fonts as Oh Chewy Regular, Bluestar Bold Italic, or Frunch Regular, but with some visible modifications of the characters, and especially, the capital “E”.

As for the color palette of the Einthusan visual identity, it is set in black-and-white, with the solid black inscription set on a plain white background, and no additional elements or shades. When it comes to the platform’s icon, the white background is turned into a grayish, transparent tone.