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Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is a governmental organization, based in Quezon, Philippines and founded in 1939. It specializes in the fields of human rights protection and sustaining of environment for human potential and capital development. They organize numerous programs, involving Filipino young and aged people, help the poor citizens with education and work, provide living conditions to migrants. DSWD also helps people during the crisis periods, supporting them mentally, conducts poverty reduction researches and projects, and enlighten youngers about genders.

Meaning and history

The process for the organization establishment was launched in 1915, when the Public Welfare Board was created in order to coordinate and structure all state and private facilities involved in public services. In 1921, it was reorganized into Bureau of Public Welfare, and then again in 1939 into Department of Health and Public Welfare. Along with existing tasks, DHPW now controlled all governmental child-bearing institutions and provided child welfare services. A few other renaming accompanied the expansion of the company’s range of services. Finally, in 1987, the Department of Social Welfare and Development was established, along with its organization’s structure and its served area.

What is Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)?
DSWD is an organization, established by the National Assembly of the Philippines in 1939 and currently based in Quezon. They’re responsible for the securing of the public rights in various field of law. The department organizes various state sponsored programs helping poor people get the education and workplaces and providing mental and financial aid in difficult periods. They also provide many services for pregnant women, disabled persons, and others.



Here’s how the organization uses the colors in the logotype: the hands and the nameplate are both colored blue as the shade symbolizes openness, confidence, and security; the heart is red, as the red heart is a popular symbol of love and caring – the essential aspects of the department; the frame is yellow, and the background for the emblem is usually white.


In the initial logotype, the designers used two logotypes to write the words. Originally, the acronym had a semibold sans-serif typeface with capitalized letterforms, which have a slight shadow coming from it. The full nameplate had the same script, but only the initial characters of the words were uppercase. After the redesign, they’ve started using a very bold acronym with heavy sans-serif symbols.