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Dell, an American high-tech company operating as part of Dell Technologies, is a prominent supplier of computers, peripherals, television, and networking equipment to the global market. As of 2021, it held the second position in the world for PC user supply scale and has its headquarters in Round Rock, Texas.

Meaning and History

Dell Logo history

Dell’s journey began in 1984 under the name PC’s Limited, where it initially traded personal computers from IBM. Founded by Michael Dell, the venture commenced from his university campus room at the University of Texas. As the business showed promise, Michael decided to leave school to focus on its growth.

In 2003, the company rebranded itself as Dell Inc. and now operates under Dell Technologies. The current logo features a minimalist circular frame enclosing the wordmark in blue and white, exuding an aura of loyalty and sleekness.

The Dell logo has become one of the world’s most recognizable trademarks, known for its readability, attractiveness, cleanliness, memorability, and relevance to the industry it represents. Its minimalist design allows for easy scalability across various marketing channels, contributing to the brand’s unique success story.

From its humble beginnings, the logo has uplifted the brand above its competitors, playing a pivotal role in Dell’s journey to becoming a major player in the industry. Today, Dell’s revenue stands at approximately $92.15 billion, partly owing to the recognition and impact of its iconic logo.

What is Dell?
Dell is an American technological corporation that offers PC components, laptops, television, and related equipment. Additionally, they provide various software applications. As of 2021, Dell is the second-largest distributor of high-tech computer hardware worldwide. The company is located in Round Rock, Texas.

1984 – 1987

Dell Logo 1984

The initial logo for PC’s Limited featured a bold black logotype in all capitals, using a narrow sans-serif typeface with thick letter lines. The wordmark appeared to the right of an abstract geometric emblem, consisting of a square figure formed by numerous black lines. The monochrome color palette exuded strength and professionalism, reflecting the brand’s purpose and essence.

1987 – 1991

Dell Logo 1987

With the company’s renaming to Dell in 1987, the logo changed. The new design showcased large letters “D,” “E,” “L,” “L,” with small sharp serifs, accompanied by two dark blue lines – one at the top and the other at the bottom.

1991 – 2018

Dell Logo 1989

In 1989, a beveled “E” emblem was introduced, featuring the blue word “DELL” on a white background. This version continued to be used on boot screens for Windows 7 computers after 2009.

2010 – 2016

Dell Logo 2010

Starting in 2010, the brand name underwent gradual changes. The lettering was enclosed within a dark blue ring, while the font retained an upside-down “E.”

2016 – today

Dell Logo

Following the merger with EMC Corporation, the logo was refreshed again. The letters became thinner, while their proportions remained unchanged, adding to the logo’s modern and timeless appeal.


Dell Symbol

The capitalized inscription uses a typeface from the bold sans-seif category. It has angular tips and bars, and there are no gaps in between. Notably, the ‘E’ is creatively bent.


Dell Emblem

The brand creates a unique color scheme by implementing black, blue, and white hues in its marketing materials and brand logo. This combination reflects professionalism, reliability, and openness – one of Dell’s key values.