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Dave & Buster’s is a pioneering entertainment and dining venture, founded by David Corriveau and James ‘Buster’ Corley. Their first establishment opened in 1982 in Dallas, Texas, merging Corriveau’s game room and Corley’s restaurant bar into a single location. Such an innovative brand, targeting adults, blended a sophisticated yet relaxed dining experience with an energetic gaming environment. Their concept quickly gained popularity, establishing a new niche in the hospitality market known as ‘eatertainment.’

Meaning and History

Dave & Buster’s Logo history

Dave & Buster’s offers a mix of services and experiences. The venues typically feature a comprehensive menu with a variety of dishes, including appetizers, main courses, and desserts, alongside a fully serviced bar offering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The main attraction, however, is the playing area, which houses a multitude of games ranging from classic arcade staples to the latest in gaming technology, including virtual reality. This blend of high-quality food and cutting-edge entertainment technology sets Dave & Buster’s apart in the competitive landscape of dining and entertainment.

The growth of Dave & Buster’s has been substantial since its inception. It went public in the 1990s and has expanded to numerous locations across the United States and internationally. Despite various industry challenges, such as economic fluctuations and shifts in consumer preferences, Dave & Buster’s has maintained its appeal by regularly updating its games and menus.

Catering to a diverse clientele, from families and young adults to corporate groups, the brand has carved out a niche for itself by offering a unique, all-encompassing entertainment experience. This combination of delicious food, a wide range of beverages, and an extensive selection of games creates a vibrant, inviting atmosphere that continues to attract a broad spectrum of customers.

What is Dave & Busters?
Dave & Busters is an American multinational franchise supposed to merge the entertainment industry, specifically console, PC, and virtual reality games and high-quality dining, presented in a menu of mainly American dishes.

1982 – 2013

Dave & Buster’s Logo 1982

A classic approach defines the earliest logo. It arranges the name ‘DAVE AND BUSTERS’ in a circular layout with ‘DAVE AND’ at the top and ‘BUSTERS’ at the bottom. Central to the design, the acronym ‘D&B’ stands out in a larger, bold typeface. A deep blue ring contrasts the creamy white text and surrounding outline, while an orange center draws attention to the ‘D&B’.

2013 – 2020

Dave & Buster’s Logo 2013

With this revision, the logo adopts a glossier, three-dimensional look. ‘DAVE & BUSTERS’, now reads as a two-line inscription of a modern friendly typeface within an orange circle, while a blue gradient border around the logo adds depth. A more vibrant palette injects energy into the design. The subtle ampersand follows the word  Dave’.

2020 – today

Dave & Buster’s Logo

For the most recent logo, the design breaks from the circle, embracing a spherical shape that suggests movement. White text spelling ‘DAVE & BUSTERS’ wraps around the orange sphere. This design choice underscores the brand’s focus on dynamism and entertainment. By simplifying its design, the brand emphasizes a modern, engaging experience.


Dave & Buster’s Emblem

The logo evolution of Dave & Buster’s reflects a shift in color palette and design ethos, mirroring the brand’s growth and changing identity over the years. Initially (1982-2013), the logo featured a deep blue and creamy white, accented with a subdued, earthy orange, conveying professionalism, clarity, and a touch of warmth.

Between 2013 and 2020, the logo transitioned to brighter, more playful hues, with a lighter, more electric blue and a zestier orange, suggesting a youthful, vibrant brand aligned with entertainment. In the most recent update from 2020 onwards, the logo boldly centers on a vibrant orange sphere, with the white text providing stark contrast, emphasizing a dynamic, modern brand focused on fun and excitement.


Dave & Buster’s Symbol

Over the decades, Dave & Busters’ logo fonts have evolved to reflect the prevailing design ethos of their times. The initial serif typeface from the ’80s exuded classic reliability, shifting in 2013 to a more approachable, rounded sans-serif that suggested a modern, friendly vibe. The latest design takes on a bold and playful font that curves with the logo’s new shape, symbolizing the brand’s energetic and contemporary spirit. Each change in typography aligns with the brand’s intent to stay current and connected with its audience’s preferences.