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The plot of the Chainsaw Man anime is aimed at teenagers and has something in common with the manga, where the viewer sees the fate of a guy named Denji. He strives for an ordinary, quiet life that entails being friends with a girl and doing what he loves. Unfortunately, the Yakuza has other plans because Denji’s parents once owed a large sum. The guy is forced to pay by killing demons. As a result of one fight, the main character finds himself on the verge of death. Pochita, his pet demonic friend, comes to the rescue again, offering a contract. Having received consent, the pet merges with Denji’s body, replacing his torn heart and giving him the ability to grow chainsaws on his limbs. Thanks to the acquired weapons, the young man copes much more effectively with the extermination of demons. The Public Security Bureau invites him to work for them. As you might guess, most of Denji’s adventures consist of brutal and bloody reprisals against various opponents – first the Yakuza who framed him, then demons of all stripes and hired killers sent from abroad.

Meaning and History

Mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto began drawing in early childhood. His first major work was the manga Fire Punch, which was published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, one of the oldest and most popular periodicals. Nevertheless, international fame came to Tatsuki only thanks to his next creation – the manga “Chainsaw Man”, which was published in the same Weekly Shonen Jump for two years starting in December 2018. Since its release, the manga Chainsaw Man quickly gained popularity. It is not surprising that the authors decided to make the Chainsaw Man anime based on it. On December 14, 2020, following the publication of the final chapter of the first arc, it was announced that Denji’s adventures would be made into an anime series. The MAPPA studio was responsible for production. The first season was shown from October until the end of December 2022. After the show’s enormous fame, Chainsaw Man season two looked inevitable, but it turns out that the manga will be continued on the big screen first.

What is Chainsaw Man?
Chainsaw Man is an adaptation of the manga of the same name. It tells the story of a young demon hunter who is able to turn parts of his body into chainsaws. The series has confidently gained followers and is expected to be shown on big screen.

2018 – Today

Chainsaw Man Logo

It is not surprising that this logo features a manga-style font. The name is printed on a chainsaw shape, referring to the name of the manga. The part that has teeth-like parts fitted onto a continuous chain features the word “Chainsaw” printed in all caps to fill the space. Meanwhile, the “Man” portion uses a larger font size and is placed on the motor part of the chainsaw with handles above and to the right of it. It was a clever play with the literal meaning of the name. A mustard shade of yellow catches the attention but is not overwhelmingly bright and happy as there is a lot of evil and rather sad emotions in the manga as well.

Font and Color

Chainsaw Man Emblem

The name is printed using a custom graphic. However, there is another manga-style font called Tiki Oasis that looks somewhat similar to it.

The yellow color or rather a mustard shade of it is typically used to represent happiness and youthfulness. The designer desired to illustrate that good and humanity overcome all the devil and evil in this manga. It is also used to reflect the enthusiasm with which Denji overcomes all the obstacles to attain a better life.