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Boston Consulting Group is a business and management consultancy that specializes in risk management, including strategic management, as well as finance and technology. The company’s professionals help clients optimize their firms and improve their performance and risk profile. The company’s primary objective is to assist in providing answers to the most crucial questions regarding business management and development, including creating new strategies, boosting operational effectiveness, acquiring and selling businesses, grasping novel technology and ideas, and a number of other matters.

Meaning and History

Boston Consulting Group Logo history

Bruce Henderson created the Boston Consulting Group in the US in 1963. It established itself as a pioneer in the field of corporate strategy development throughout its early years. The development of the BCG matrix in the early 1970s, which was featured in all management textbooks, helped BCG become well-known throughout the world. At the moment, it provides comprehensive solutions with the aid of technology, design, digitization of business processes, and management consultancy.

What is Boston Consulting Group?
BCG is one of the “Big Three” leading consulting firms. The company enjoys a solid reputation throughout many different industry sectors. It is, though, better known for providing general management, finance, private equity, and technology consultancy. Every day the company offers new ideas and finds opportunities to improve the work processes of its clients.

1963 – 2018

Boston Consulting Group Logo 1963

The logo consists of large initials accompanied by the full name printed in smaller font and aligned to the right on a second line. It is surely an interesting approach that made the logo appear unique without adding any other elements. The fact that the full name has an article “The” and capitalizes only the first letters gives it a traditional touch and reflects the relatively long history of the organization. A nice dark shade of green gives the logo a fresh and lively look. The designers chose to use thin bracketed slab serifs to add a touch of sophistication and grandness to the overall look.

2018 – Today

Boston Consulting Group Logo

There were minimal changes to the logo. The company chose to change the font and went for a simpler, sans-serif option. It instantly gave it a more modern and sleek appearance. In addition, the initials featured thicker strokes and had the characters joined. Another update was the placement of the full name to the right of the name and the splitting of it between three lines. They also removed the article and used only all caps. This logo version looks more cohesive, while the use of the same shade of green and lack of new elements allowed to preserve the brand identity.

Font and Color

Boston Consulting Group Emblem

The original logo features a very elegant and sophisticated serif font that resembles Arterio Non-Commercial Regular by Robin Campistron or Mencken Std Head Regular font. The logo presented in 2018 uses a modified version of the Aspira Demi font or Uniform Medium font by Miller Type Foundry. This is a more contemporary font choice without serifs that reflects the development and growth of the company.

The company went for a “Fun” shade of green that is between a forest and hunter green. The green color has always been associated with new growth, renewal, and life. It also gives hope for a better future, with promises of prosperity. The company went for this color to show that its clients get their businesses brought to life and start a completely new phase that brings growth and success. This color is also associated with good luck and it never hurts to have a little extra of it.