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Booz Allen not only advises its clients but also helps them implement all the recommendations that the company provides them. The company spends more than half of its time working with one client on this. It is interesting to know that almost half of the company’s employees are women, and ethnic minorities make up about a fourth of all the employees. Adapting to the changes in the world, the company stays one step ahead to have the necessary knowledge and skills to help its clients reach new heights.

Meaning and History

After graduating from university, many people immediately begin to look for work or travel around the world. Edwin Booz, though, opened his own business immediately after graduating from Northwestern University in 1914. He probably never imagined that his firm would become one of the most prestigious consulting companies. The firm has numerous success stories that make it proud and undoubtedly bring in new clients. For instance, it helped Montgomery Ward retailer to get yearly profits of $13.5 million after being on the verge of closing a century ago.  The US government and recognized conglomerates, such as General Electric and Chrysler, have all used the services of Booz Allen Hamilton. In 2010, the company went public.

What is Booz Allen Hamilton?
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. is a multinational strategy and technology consulting firm based in Virginia, USA. It has around eighty branches across the United States and in major metropolitan areas around the world.


Booz Allen Hamilton Logo

The company went a rather interesting route when creating its logo. There are no distracting elements or colors. The logo has the last names of its founders listed in one line and separated by a vertical bar. Although there is little spacing between the letters, the names are spaced quite widely apart. The designer did not try to make the logo appear shorter. Instead, the relatively long logo creates an image of a confident company that has everything under control. The rather plain logo design tells the clients that the consultants will make all the complicated and hard-to-understand parts of a business clear and simple.

Font and Color

Booz Allen Hamilton Emblem

There are several fonts that look similar to the font featured in the logo. You can use Franklin Gothic Raw Book font or Ryman Gothic Light. Clear Sans by Intel is also very close. The font choice enhanced the simplicity of the logo while making it look modern and stylish.

The company went for a classic and timeless black for its logo. It looks powerful, contemporary, and sophisticated. At the same time, it reflects, the strength, authority, and security of the company. The black color is also considered a formal color, which gives the company a professional appearance.