AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a collection of cloud technologies sold by Amazon. They mainly include APIs, distribution systems and similar software meant to provide the foundation for an online business. These products are widely used to create applications, scale and manage applications. AWS allows users to simplify the development process by purchasing professional-grade online services.

Meaning and History

AWS Logo history

AWS stands for ‘Amazon Web Services’, and it was the company’s full name until 2017, when it was renamed to a shorter ‘AWS’. The story of AWS began in 2000, when Amazon started to host the web services owned and developed by them on various online providers. Later in 2006, the company launched its own cloud computing service, which came to be AWS.

What is AWS?
AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon that specializes in web services, cloud computing and various other IT products designed to help people create, scale and manage applications and online businesses.

2006 – 2017

AWS Logo 2006

The original logo includes part of Amazon’s primary logo at the time. In particular, it features the word ‘Amazon’, just as written in the company’s own logotype – meaning, black lowercase letters in a smooth, fluid sans-serif font. There’s even a curved dent in the lower part of the letter ‘Z’, where Amazon’s iconic smile/arrow is supposed to be. It’s not on the logo, though.

Instead, there are words ‘Web Services’ written in a similar lowercase sans-serif style as the bit above. However, these letters don’t use the patented Amazon font, instead preferring a typical sans-serif script with markedly less bold characters. These letters are made smaller so that this written bit fits in width the one above it.

The other big element is a collection of cubes on the left from the text parts. They are orange, with white edges. There are 5 of them, and they comprise a generally curved linear pattern reminiscent in appearance to the iconic orange smile that Amazon is so famous for.

2017 – today

AWS Logo

In 2017, the company was renamed to just ‘AWS’, and that facilitated the change in branding, as well. The main change is that the new logo is more in line with the primary logo used by Amazon itself. There two big elements are the iconic orange smile, identical to that found on Amazon’s own logotype. The other part is the acronym ‘AWS’, written above it in lowercase letters and a font similar to what the mother company uses. It also uses Amazon’s typical dark grey color instead of the usual black.


AWS Symbol

The font used in the latest logo by AWS is similar to that used by Amazon. It’s a sans-serif that uses only lowercase letters, and they are pretty close in appearance. The big difference is that they aren’t as bold. Moreover, they have smoother, rounder edges, which make them look much softer.


AWS Emblem

The main two colors of AWS branding are black and orange, as is common for Amazon services. Whereas the original logo used a purely black color, the second design uses a shade more iconic to Amazon – a very dark mixture of grey and blue found in many places associated with this company.