Wipro Limited is a 1945-established multipurpose company from Bengaluru, India. Their products and services include software development, consulting in the fields related to data security and cloud computing, and business process outsourcing. They’re among the largest information technology companies, that work with clients spread across the world.

Meaning and history

Wipro Limited Logo history

The title ‘Wipro’ is an acronym for ‘Western India Vegetable Products Limited’. Back in the 40s-70s, the company founded by M. H. Hasham Premji was a producer of vegetable oils in a small city in the state of Maharashtra, India. As the years passed by, Wipro expanded its operation to other industries.

In the late 1970s, under the leadership of Azim Premji, son of M.H. Hasham Premji, Wipro shifted its focus to the IT industry. Recognizing the potential of emerging computer technology, Wipro started providing IT services, software development, and consulting. The company quickly gained recognition for its technical expertise and commitment to delivering quality solutions.

The founder’s son, Azim, took over the business in the late 70s. Inspired by the growing influence of new computer technologies, he changed the company’s main focus to IT and business consulting. Since then, Wipro has been providing services in this field, while food manufacturing is their side direction.

The 90s brought the company to the world’s stage. After a series of partnership agreements with international IT giants like Google and Microsoft, Wipro became a prominent participant in the globe’s data security and business consulting market. Today, the brand is a huge company with 200,000 professionals worldwide. Additionally, Wipro has been regularly investing in projects touching on education, healthcare, the environment, and social development.

What is Wipro?
Wipro is a global company that operates in numerous fields related to data and business: software engineering and development, data security, business and IT consulting, et cetera. Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, the company includes 200,000 employees conducting operations across the whole world.

1998 – 2017

Wipro Limited Logo 1998

In the 90s, Wipro unveiled its earliest logo. It consisted of a vibrant, multicolored sunflower-like symbol with overlapping petals. Each petal represented Wipro’s different business units, while the overall shape represented unity and collaboration. The name below was executed in a thick script with small cuts that gave more dynamism to the logo. Under the name, there was a tagline ‘Applying Thought’.

2017 – today

Wipro Limited Logo

In 2017, Wipro introduced a more refined and simplified version of its logo. The new design featured a clean, minimalist style with the word “Wipro” in lowercase letters. It was partly surrounded by numerous multicolored circles, limited to a circular area and revolving around the letter ‘o’.


Wipro Limited Symbol

The company nameplate is executed in a simple yet recognizable lowercase typeface without serifs. The letters have smooth rounded tips. The upper dot of the character ‘i’ is styled as one of the circles in the logo.


Wipro Limited Emblem

The diverse array of colors used in the Wipro symbol represents its values of openness and multitasking. In total, the logotype depicts several shades of blue, red, pink, and green.