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To connect to decentralized protocols – exchanges, credit platforms, games, metaverses – a web3 wallet is required. The most common connection option is using Metamask or another browser extension (Binance Chain Wallet, Coinbase Wallet). But in fact, the choice of wallets is much wider, thanks to a system such as WalletConnect. It was launched in March 2018 and allows you to connect many more variants of decentralized wallets to DeFi protocols.

What is the special feature of WalletConnect?
The protocol is useful not only for users. Its other important use is to help dApps developers who can add such a form of authentication to themselves and thereby expand the circle of potential customers.

History et Signification

The logo WalletConnect appeared in 2018, simultaneously with the birth of the system. The WalletConnect logo consists of 2 main elements: an arc and a seemingly stretched letter “W”. If you put these two signs together, you will just get the WalletConnect logo. The “Arc” is a symbol of connection, interaction. And it’s immediately clear why such a symbol is used, because the WalletConnect protocol allows your wallet to interact with decentralized applications, namely dApps and other wallets. The meaning of the letter “W” is also clear: this is the first letter in the name of the protocol, as well as the first letter in the word “wallet”.

Font and Colors

WalletConnect Logo

The main colors of the WalletConnect logo are white and blue (Pantone 7455 CP). The meaning of the blue color in the WalletConnect logo: it is a symbol of clear consciousness, calmness and depth. This shade of blue gives a sense of stability, trust, professionalism, dignity and intelligence. The color is chosen correctly for the identity in the IT field.

The font that is used in the logo is called Montserrat. However, one can also use varieties of this font: Montserrat Bold, Regular, Light, Thing.