Deloitte is a vast network of corporate prowess, delivering services encompassing corporate finance, consulting, taxation, and audit. Operating under the full name Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, each member firm within this consortium operates independently, bound by the legal frameworks of their respective countries.

Meaning and History

Deloitte Logo history

The narrative of Deloitte’s journey is distinctive and illustrative, commencing in 1845 within the heart of London. The company’s founder, William Welch Deloitte, expanded his enterprise Haskins & Sells, culminating in the renaming of the entity to Deloitte Haskins & Sells.

Simultaneously, across the Atlantic in the United States, the firm took on the moniker Touche Ross. The timeline of evolution continued, with the reformation to Deloitte & Touche in 1989, and ultimately simplifying to Deloitte in 1993. These phases of transformation were marked by recurrent rebranding, fostering an expansion of both the clientele and the company’s profitability.

In 2012, these achievements paved the path to sponsoring the Olympic Games. Fast forwarding to 2020, a defining historic disruption in the form of the coronavirus pandemic, the company’s earnings soared to a staggering $47.6 million. As a result, this business behemoth became one of three colossal corporations individually owned within the United States.

The concept of brand identity emerges as an instrumental force in the trajectory of business advancement. In contemporary times, the concept of a prosperous corporation making acquisitions or forging its path without the engagement of adept professionals in corporate design, outdoor advertising, and public relations seems implausible.

This amalgamation shapes an all-encompassing brand identity within the marketplace, fostering recognition and enhancing consumer demand as it resonates with potential clientele. Let’s take a look at how Deloitte’s logo changed over time.

What is Deloitte?
Deloitte stands as a prominent figure in the global business arena, holding a distinguished place among the revered Big Four. As a worldwide frontrunner in the provision of professional services, Deloitte specializes across diverse sectors including audit, consulting, risk management, financial advisory, taxation, and legal services.

1960 – 1989

Deloitte Logo 1960

During this period, the logo was characterized by an elongated triangle formed from three black ovals. The inscription “Touche Ross” was prominently displayed along the right side in capitalized serif letters, all rendered in black. The design exuded a sense of sophistication and stability, devoid of superfluous and intricate combinations of colors and shapes.

1972 – 1989
Deloitte Logo 1972

An identifiable aspect of this logo was the shift in graphical emphasis towards the right. Deloitte assumed the position of the “upper level,” with Haskins + Sells situated below. The lower line protruded, creating a visual impression of steps, with the lower step being larger than the upper one. The font underwent a transformation as well, adopting a slimmer, more geometric, sans-serif style in black. This logo seems to have aimed to evoke associations with the company’s ascent.

1989 – 1993

Deloitte Logo 1989

The altered logo enjoyed a relatively concise lifespan of merely four years. It’s worth highlighting that the font within the new logo adopted a blue hue, and the verbiage was arranged vertically: “Deloitte” positioned above and “& Touche” positioned below. This polished emphasis and skillful compositional layout played a pivotal role in steering the brand’s evolution throughout this period.

1993 – today

Deloitte Logo

Following the adjustment in the name, particularly the abbreviation for “Deloitte,” there arose a need for a dynamic focal point. This materialized in the form of a black dot situated at the conclusion of the word, accompanied by a remarkably vibrant green spot that stood in stark contrast against the overarching black font of the logo.

Additionally, a more succinct rendition of the logo emerged – the solitary letter “D” accompanied by a green dot. This evolution was spurred by the broad recognition the complete logo had garnered within the intended audience. At present, these two graphic elements suffice to elicit a robust association with the brand within the minds of observers.


Deloitte Symbol

The typography employed in the Deloitte logo bears a remarkable resemblance to Mediator Narrow Extra Bold. It belongs to a serif-free typeface family introduced by the Para Type foundry in 2016. The development of this font family involved a collaborative effort between Manvel Shmavonyan and Alexander Lubovenko.


Deloitte Emblem

While the Deloitte logo predominantly employs a black and white palette, it’s the vibrant green hue that undeniably captures attention. This pleasing and natural shade was deliberately chosen to symbolize safety. The reasoning behind this choice is to convey that upon forming a connection with Deloitte, whether as a client or an employee, one’s endeavors and professional journey are protected by capable and secure hands.