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The USMC, an abbreviation denoting the United States Marine Corps, stands as a distinguished and elite entity within the United States’ military forces. Its illustrious history dates back to 1775, and this force holds the unique distinction of reporting directly to the U.S. President, renowned for its unwavering discipline, indomitable spirit, and remarkable efficiency.

Meaning and History

USMC Logo history

The roots of the USMC emblem find their origin in the early 1800s, where the buttons on USMC uniforms showcased an eagle perched upon an anchor, encircled by thirteen stars. As the 1850s approached, further elements were incorporated, such as laurel leaves and an infantry bugle. It wasn’t until the 1860s, under the guidance of Brigadier General Jacob Zeilin, that a new emblem began to take shape. Inspired by the British Royal Marines, this emblem featured a majestic eagle atop a globe with an anchor in the background. Over time, this emblem underwent several revisions, with alterations to the eagle’s size and shape, the contours of continents, anchor proportions, and other intricate details.

On May 28, 1925, a fresh iteration of the USMC emblem secured official approval. In this rendition, the eagle was positioned sideways, clutching a ribbon bearing the motto “SEMPER FIDELIS” in its beak. The globe boasted a detailed degree grid and an intricate outline of the American continents. The credit for designing this emblem goes to Staff Sergeant Joseph H. Burnett.

In March 1936, another alteration occurred in the emblem’s design. However, the USMC failed to provide uniform manufacturers with a standardized sample, leading to variations in interpretations during this period.

The emblem we recognize today, featuring the enduring elements of the eagle, globe, and anchor, was officially embraced on July 22, 1954, with the endorsement of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

What is USMC?
USMC is the acronym for the United States Marine Corps, a prestigious branch within the U.S. military responsible for executing amphibious operations and providing support to the navy when required. Established in 1775, the USMC operates under the direct authority of the U.S. President. Its distinguished reputation is founded upon unwavering discipline, indomitable spirit, and unparalleled effectiveness.

1775 – today

USMC Logo 1775

The USMC seal, as defined by the 1954 Executive Order 10538, features a vibrant scarlet circle as its backdrop, encircled by a deep blue ring. This ring carries two inscriptions, with “DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY” positioned at the top and “UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS” at the bottom. Notably, the words “DEPARTMENT” and “NAVY” are distinctly larger than the accompanying text, and a golden rope-like border adorns the outer edge of the seal.

At the heart of this emblem rests a majestic American bald eagle, firmly grasping a ribbon in its beak, bearing the timeless motto “SEMPER FIDELIS.” It’s crucial to recognize that the USMC seal serves an internal purpose, setting it apart from the more commonly recognized logo.

2003 – today


Since 2003, the USMC emblem has featured a striking rendition of the American bald eagle. In this contemporary design, the eagle clutches the end of a flowing banner in its beak, proudly extending its wings while turning its head to the side.

Beneath the eagle, a globe takes center stage, displaying a distinctive image of the United States and an anchor elegantly ensnared by a rope. Unlike previous versions, the designers opted for a minimalist approach, rendering these elements in black with white outlines. The continents on the globe are depicted using negative space, creating a light and distinct appearance.

Completing the emblem are two significant inscriptions. “MARINES” prominently graces the top, while just below, the iconic motto “THE FEW. THE PROUD.” underscores the exceptional nature of the Marines. This motto highlights their extraordinary ability to excel in complex combat tasks, despite their relatively modest numbers, a testament to their unparalleled dedication and prowess.


USMC Symbol

The wordmark “MARINES THE FEW. THE PROUD.” on the emblem employs a slightly modified version of the Colossalis Bold font, originally crafted by Aldo Novarese in 1984. The font’s rectangular serifs contribute to its authoritative and purposeful appearance. In contrast, the text “DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS” on the seal adopts an uppercase font distinguished by slim and elongated serifs, emphasizing clarity and formality.


USMC Emblem

In terms of color, the seal incorporates a palette encompassing yellow, black, blue, silver, and white, resulting in a visually striking composition. Conversely, the emblem itself embraces a simplified black and white scheme, facilitating clear and precise delineation of its constituent elements.