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NATO, or North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is the defensive alliance of 31 states, that participate in joint military exercises and pay into the alliance’s budget. It is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, and since its establishment in 1949, it has grown into a large union of North American and European nations.

Meaning and history

NATO Logo history

NATO was set up in 1949 according to the North Atlantic Treaty, signed by the representatives of twelve countries of North America and Western Europe in order to build a system of collective defense against potential threats.

Since its establishment, NATO would participate in numerous conflicts, including those in the former Yugoslavia (1995, 1999), Afghanistan (2001-2014, 2014-2021), and Livia (2011).

NATO underwent nine expansions, most of which took place in Eastern Europe. The last episode occurred in 2023, when Finland joined the alliance, becoming its 31st member.

What is NATO?
North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a multinational entity, established in 1949 to maintain defense primarily in Europe. It was founded by the twelve nations of Western Europe and North America and is now headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

1953 – today

NATO Logo 1953

The organization’s official flag, approved in 1953, depicts a black and white star with four tips. It’s placed prominently among numerous blue shapes, reminding the ocean or the council of nations who participate in the alliance’s actions.

1990s – today


Later on, they made an alternative emblem to use on the official papers. It depicts a familiar star colored white, bright, and dark blue. It is contoured by a thin white circle and placed centrally over four squares, two of which were colored deep blue, while the other two had lighter blue coloring. To the right of the image, there is a black zone where the acronym in English finds its place above the acronym OTAN, suitable for French, Spanish, Italian, and other romance languages.


NATO Symbol

The lettering on the latest emblem has a legible and simple script with bold lines and prominent serifs. All letters are capitals, and they’re separated by extremely narrow intervals.


NATO Emblem

The alliance’s color choice is blue, accompanied by white and black. It’s the best chromatic selection for the intergovernmental organization putting the security and promotion of democratic values as its core goals.