PayTM is a payment service that allows users to transfer money from a bank account to a digital wallet. One can pay online and in physical stores without using cash and without depending on the banking infrastructure. An additional way to pay with PayTM is through a QR code in an application. PayTM also offers offline payment options. You must call the toll-free number and complete the online transaction without using the internet, which is very convenient for individuals who do not always have internet access.

Meaning and History

PayTM Logo history

PayTM was founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharm. It started out in 2010 as a prepaid online mobile phone recharge service under his company called One97 Communications. A few years later, the company added many new services. IN just seven years, Paytm became India’s first payment app to exceed 100 million app users. The same year, the company finally managed to obtain a license from the Central Bank of India and become a payment bank. Although the meaning of the company name, pay through mobile, is presented in the first logo, it sounds very similar to the well-known term “ATM”. The founders likely wanted to make an association with an electronic banking machine that allowed making transactions without a bank representative. PayTM obviously took it a step further.

What is PayTM?
PayTM is a famous mobile wallet in India that allows users to transfer funds, pay for phone services, and reserve tickets for various services. If they want to open an account and receive interest from their saving, PayTM also provides such an option.

2010 – 2011

PayTM Logo 2010

The company name serves as the main element in this logo. The bright orange color is used to print the “Pay” portion of the name, while large, uppercase letters are used to write “T-M”. The name looked bold and was a great attention grabber. Besides the name, the emblem had a second line of the same length that said “Pay Through Mobile”. This line was done using a basic, sans-serif font and a black color, so it did not compete with the name.

2011 – 2013

PayTM Logo 2011

The company used its name as the only element for the logo again but this has not limited the designers in their creativity. The font used this time resembles Coolvetica Bold Font. However, the designers went a step further and modified the first letters to look like the symbol for the Indian rupee. This made the logo instantly associated not only with the country of origin but also with the financial sector. The word “Pay” is done in bright orange, while the “tm” is printed using lowercase letters and standard black.

2013 – Today

PayTM Logo

The new logo looks very different from the previous logos and it is mainly due to a new color palette. The company chose to go for the more formal color palette, which consisted of two shades of blue. The new font choice is also bolder, which creates more confidence in the company. All the letters are now lowercase and have the same height, with the exception of the top of the “t” slightly peaking above the other characters. The new font is bold and has a geometric touch.

Font and color

PayTM Emblem

The orange color, which is used by the company during the first three years, is energetic, friendly, and positive. It also represents determination, confidence, and success. It was balanced by the black color, which adds a touch of professionalism. Later, the company went for a more traditional for financial sector blue and white color palette. Besides representing stability and trust, this color is also associated with freedom, the freedom that the application provides when it comes to making transactions.

Originally, the company used a bold, sans-serif font with strokes that had rounded corners. It was soon replaced by a different typeface with straight, sharp cuts. Since 2013, the logo of the company used a new sans-serif font with bold strokes. It is designed by Christian Robertson and belongs to Roboto typefaces.