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Metamask is a non–custodial (over-the-counter) crypto wallet that allows you to receive, store and send cryptocurrency assets. The Metamask wallet exists as an extension for the Google Chrome family of browsers and a smartphone application. The developers of the wallet are the ConsenSys company, which first introduced it in 2016. The official website of the wallet– It is also available for download in the Google Chrome app store.

What is the mechanism of Metamask work?
All transactions and all wallet balances are stored in the blockchain, and the owners of private keys have the right to access them. Metamask stores these keys in encrypted form on the user’s device and allows them to dispose of cryptocurrency. Transactions are signed and sent to the blockchain on the user’s computer, and the wallet can be connected to decentralized applications.

Meaning and History

MetaMask Logo history

The use of animal mascots is gaining popularity in the blockchain industry. The reason for this is an amazing effect that is easily read by people. Thus, the Metamask logo is presented in the form of a fox mask in 3D. The 3D Metamask logo with the image of an animated fox makes it stand out from the others. It is interesting to interact with the brand, because it forms a memorable personal experience.

The fox symbolizes the ability to disguise or imperceptibly merge with the surrounding world. In addition, the fox belongs to the canine family, personifying a noble, loyal and reliable friend. Therefore, it is believed that Metamask used the fox as the animal of its brand to show friendliness, which implies accessibility and reliability.

2016 – 2020

MetaMask Logo 2016

2020 – now

MetaMask Logo

Font and Color

The colors of the Metamask logo are orange (or golden-red), brown, black and white. The main color is orange. The use of such a color and image in the identity related to IT is highly recommended. Another example: the FireFox browser logo. It is unusual and bright. At the same time, orange is associated with inspiration and positive energy. It charges with cheerfulness and energy.