GCash is a popular e-wallet and mobile payment service. As the top mobile wallet app in the Philippines, it allows users effortlessly and swiftly transfer and receive money while storing it safely on their smartphones. You may easily pay for a variety of online services with it, such as bill payments and online shopping. GCash users can use their digital wallet to buy cryptocurrencies with Philippine pesos (PHP). However, it is important to understand that in this process, user can only use their GCash wallet to carry out financial transactions with their choice of an exchange and not buy it directly from GCash.

Meaning and History

GCash Logo history

GCash started its activity in 2004. GCash is a product created by Mynt, a subsidiary of the respected Globe Telecom. Mynt’s portfolio is not limited to GCash and includes other popular apps in the Philippine digital landscape, such as PayMaya and Coins.ph. GCash has become the most popular digital wallet in the Philippines. Its audience doubled in a year and reached 40 million users. Now, every third Filipino pays with GCash. Over time, this mobile wallet transformed into a partner ecosystem, adding new commercial and financial services.

What is GCash?
Gcash.com is a cutting-edge and convenient mobile wallet. Customers can use it to buy products or services online and in-store, pay bills, and make a variety of other online financial transactions. The service also has a prepaid card that can be used to make purchases and transfer funds to their wallet.

2004 – 2007

GCash Logo 2004

The logo mainly consisted of the platform’s name. The first letter was placed into a circle, which set the word “Cash” apart while also placing an accent on the letter “G”. The latter stands for the globe, which further explains why a round shape was chosen for the emblem. The blue and white gradient gave the logo a futuristic feel, whereas the swoosh lines on either line gave the logo a feeling of movement. The latter reflected the swift movement of the funds with the help of the mobile application. The blue color gave the emblem a more solid look, balancing out rather ambiguous strokes. If you compare it to the original logo of the PayPal company, another well-known payment system, you will see that they have the same style.

2007 – 2013

GCash Logo 2007

The company carried a different name for a few years. It was the full name that explained the meaning behind the letter “G” in the original version. The designers used two different fonts and colors for each line. The top line was done in dark blue and featured a smooth, sans-serif font. A round shape with a blue gradient and multiple icons around its perimeter with a hand in the center was quite symbolic. It not only went with the blue inscription to the right but also showed that all these features are a click away. The original name was printed using a font similar to the upper line but in purple.

2013 – 2019

GCash Logo 2013

This logo looks a lot more modern thanks to its minimalistic design. It also features a dark blue base in combination with a white inscription. The company brought back the original name. The font used in this logo looks surprisingly similar to Centrale Sans Bold. The square with rounded corners creates an image of a solid system while the rounded elements add a touch of friendliness and convenience.

2019 – Today

GCash Logo

This logo has a dynamic and light feel. The name is printed on a white background using a blue color and featuring a sans-serif font with strokes that had rounded corners. There was a new element in this logo. It was a dark blue letter “G” with a lighter blue incomplete circle framing it along with arched lines, which resembled a connection sign, in an even lighter color.

Font and Color

GCash Emblem

The latest logo features a font similar to Caros Soft Medium or Neometeic Alt Medium. Earlier, the company used another sans-serif font with rounded strokes that resemble Centrale Sans Bold. The other versions had the same style of typefaces, which created a user-friendly product image.

From the very start, the company used various shades of blue and white, with an exception of an addition of purple to one of the versions. Blue has always been associated with stability and trust, which are important features of a payment system. The blue color is also the color of our planet, which can symbolize the global reach of the payment platform.