Chicago Bulls Logo

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Chicago Bulls are a basketball team based in Chicago. Created in 1966, they joined NBA the same year. The team is currently one of the most prolific and popular in the United States. They are particularly famous as a team that Michael Jordan played for in the 80s, although they’ve seen many triumphs since then.

Meaning and History

The Bulls were created in ’66 as an expansion team, joining NBA the same year. Their home city, Chicago, is notable for its extensive meat packing industry, which is partly what inspired the team’s name. Additionally, they interpret it as a sign of tenacity, power and strength. They are a 6-times NBA champion, winning their most recent title in ’98.

What is Chicago Bulls?
Chicago Bulls are a popular basketball team from Chicago, USA. Created in 1966, it peaked in the 80s and 90s. Right now, it’s still a strong team, but they’ve only recently won division titles. Willian Donovan is the current head coach.

1966 – today

Chicago Bulls Logo

The Bulls have largely used the same logotype since the team’s inception. It depicts the bull’s head full face in a very simplistic, cartoonish style. It’s notable for its ill-spirited expression and a heavy brow-line. The design isn’t too nuanced, only using a few lines to get the point across.

The color scheme includes red, black and some white. The red is the main color, used for much of the bull’s face, whereas the black is used for outlines, to highlight features and for other minor details. The horns are colored full white, with a little red on the tips (possibly to make them appear blood-soaked).

The name is also used commonly enough alongside the emblem. It features the team’s name in full, written in two lines of black text. It’s usually above the bull’s head, with the word ‘Bulls’ in particular placed between the two horns of the bull, although many other variations are also known.


Chicago Bulls Emblem

The font used for the wordmark in this logotype is a typical college-style serif. It uses tall, bold characters with blocky serifs near their tips. The font used in this logo in particular is nothing special: all letters are capitalized and tall. They are also not universally wide, changing proportions on the go.


Chicago Bulls Symbol

The color scheme mainly includes dark red, black and white. The red in particular is the team’s go-to color, featured on their home uniform and heavily on away and alternative uniforms. The wordmark piece uses black almost exclusively, although other variations are known, in particular against darker backgrounds.