Car badges with Stars

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Mankind has always looked to the stars for inspiration. The star is a common element in logosbecause of its versatility. This element has different meanings depending on the context, but it was always associated with something great and made the emblems memorable and recognizable. Brands that want to convey a classic feel that has stood the test of time often use stars. To make their logo unique, the brands experimented not only with the color but also their shape. The most common color choices are blue, red, gold, silver, as well as black. A five-pointed star is a typical choice, although there are four and three-pointed variations as well.


Mercedes Benz Logo

One of the most well-known and prominent producers of high-end automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles is the Mercedes-Benz brand, which is a division of Daimler AG.German inventor Karl Benz formally submitted a patent application for a “gasoline-powered car” more than 130 years ago. Since 1916, the three-pointed star serves as its emblem.It is intended to represent its dominance on the land, the air, and the waterways. Over time, the logo has developed into a stylish, contemporary, and timeless brand image. Originally, the star was framed by a laurel wreath seen in the Benz emblem. It was replaced by a circle in 1933.


Subaru Logo

The Japanese automobile company Subaru was born in 1954 after Fuji Heavy Industries received an order from the government to make an inexpensive car. The star cluster, known to Westerners as the Pleiades and in Japan as Subaru, is stylized to create the brand’s emblem.In Japan, Subaru means “gathering together” or “govern”. For the brand, these stars symbolize the union of the five companies that now make up the FHI or the big star.Although the emblem was modified periodically, it always had the star cluster framed by an oval shape representing the company. Consistency in brand image and the name association made it quite recognizable.


Chrysler Logo

The history of Chrysler dates back to 1924 with the reorganization of two other US automobile companies – Maxwell Motor and Willis-Overland. The brand was named after its founder, Walter Percy Chrysler. He later added Dodge company to his business, which made Chrysler one of the largest automobile companies in America in 1928. Although the brand is more associated with winged emblems, there was almost a ten-year period during which Chrysler used a star alongside its name. It was a 3D star of black and white color placed on a gray pentagon. This emblem was originally on the left of the wordmark, which was done in a black, sans-serif font, but then it got enlarged and moved above it.

Western Star

Western Star Logo


The logo of this company is very bold, which is very appropriate for a company that manufactures trucks. This American corporation was established in 1967 and was part of the White concern that was a leader in the American truck market at that time. Later, it became part of the German Daimler AG. The name of the brand, which is done using a basic sans-serif font and all uppercase, black letters, is accompanied by a large, stylized letter “W”. It is also black, but a thick silver border that is followed by an elegant, thin black one gives it a sophisticated appearance. A five-pointed star placed right in the center of the “W” enhances an impression of a powerful and strong company thanks to its bold red color.


Polestar logo

Polestar is Volvo Car Group’s sports road car brand. The excellent qualities of its cars, which make it a true star in the industry, are achieved by careful examination of all structural elements at the design stage.A four-pointed star has always been part of the logo of this brand. Originally, a small white star accompanied the name of the company, which was done in all lowercase letters and placed on a large blue rectangle. Since 2017, the star has been used on its own to represent the Polestar. It looked like two arrow shapes pointing to the center and forming a star. They were plain black color but later updated to silver with shadows and highlights to give it a 3D look. This latest version looks sharp, modern, and stylish.


Founded in 1964, JAC Motors became a modern, high-tech enterprise. JAC is a comprehensive enterprise that makes a full range of vehicles. These include commercial vehicles and special vehicles for industrial construction and passenger transportation, as well as gearboxes for cars, engines, auto parts, etc. A five-pointed star with long spikes enclosed into a 3D oval ring of the same black and white color palette has been featured in the brand’s logo since its foundation. Initially, the star was accompanied by the wordmark “JAC Motors”, written in two lines. The top line featured bright red letters, while the bottom one used basic black font. Later, it was redesigned to make the brand name look more stylish and modern.


Venucia logo

The Venucia brand was established in 2010 by a joint venture between Dongfeng and Nissan. Under the Venucia brand, they produce mainly budget models for the Chinese market. These include passenger cars, but the main focus is on various crossover models. A silver star with a center that is cut out and set on the side as a second 3D star is done in metallic silver and framed by a 3D metallic silver frame. The designers used a five-pointed star to represent the five goals and values of the new brand. The blue color of the round, perforated base reflects the stability, reliability, and trustworthiness of the brand.


Englon logo

The Chinese automobile brand Shanghai Englon was founded in 2010 by Geely. In the same year, the first model, called the TX, was introduced. Its cars are quite popular in the local market. Although the stars are not the main element of the Englon emblem, they are depicted on half of the center circle. The stars have a 3D appearance, which is enhanced by a shadow, and placed on a deep blue background that resembles a night sky. There are three bigger and three smaller stars. The right half of the circle is red and has a goddess done in golden.A thick black border with white outlines completes the picture and creates an illusion of a tire image.


Askam Logo

Askam is a Turkish company specializing in the production of trucks. The brand was founded in 1962 as a 60% Chrysler joint venture.After Daimler-Benz and Chrysler merged in 2002, the company changed its name to AskamKamyonImalatveTicaret AŞ, continuing to produce Fargo and Desoto trucks. Its logo is quite minimalistic with the brand name and an emblem above it. The name features a geometric, sans-serif typeface and a classic black color. The emblem above consisted of a four-pointed star and thick swoosh lines that formed an oval-like border. It was a light blue color, which is not only associated with the sky but also with trust, loyalty, and security.

Facel Vega

Facel Vega logo

The history of the French automaker Facel Vega was brief, but it was also exciting and fast-paced.The Facel Vega brand formerly was extremely popular across the globe along with Rolls-Royce and some other brands. It was founded by Jean Danino, who had previously worked in the aviation industry. The last automobile was produced in 1964. However, there were recent rumors that a new model will be introduced. Its logo is just as striking as its history. The center circle is slit in half diagonally, featuring a red “F” on a yellow background and a gray “V” on black. The emblem had a light gray border that had the full name of the brand at the top separated from its origins (Paris) at the bottom by three black stars on each side.


Berkeley Logo

Berkeley Cars was a British automobile manufacturer. Light sports cars with motorcycle engines and fiberglass bodies were produced in the UK between 1956 and 1960. Now, the brand is back in the automobile market. The logo of the company is rather simple. It is a round emblem that has a gray, red, white, and black color palette. It had the name of the brand going around the perimeter of the emblem. Five, small, black stars were evenly spaced in the lower half of the border. The center was split in half horizontally, with the lower half being gray and the upper one being done in red. A large, white “B” was placed in the center of the emblem.

Durant Motors

Durant Motors logo

The history of the American brand Durant Motors began in 1902 when William Durant created the Buick brand. In 1921, he created a new company and gave it his name. In 1927, the Durant company began the production of luxury cars Locomobile and middle-class cars Durant Sedan.Unfortunately, Berkeley Cars was liquidated in 1961. A star was taking the central place in its logo it was done in white and dark gray and had a 3D appearance. There was a black and white rectangle with the word “Star” written across in white on a red banner. A griffin was placed right on top of the rectangle. The base of the emblem featured a dark center followed by a light gray border with a darker gray outline.


Jeep logo

The Jeep automobile company specializes in the production of cars with increased cross-country characteristics. Chrysler Corporation acquired the Jeep brand in 1987. The current Jeep product range consists exclusively of SUVs.Although the Jeep company used a star in its logo only for a short period of time, it was still a part of this brand. The logo that featured a star was used between 1987 and 1993. It was a black square with rounded corners. A five-pointed star with thin spikes was done in black and placed on a white pentagon. Underneath, it said “Jeep” in bold, white, sans-serif letters.