The famous German brand “Mercedes-Banz” has a long and interesting history. The original company called “Daimler-Benz AG” was founded in 1926 when two gaining popularity companies decided to the unit. One of these companies was founded by Karl Benz in Mannheim in October 1883 under the name “Benz & Cie”, while the head of the second company was engineer Gottlieb Daimler founded Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) brand in November 1890. From 1901, Daimler’s company began producing cars under the Mercedes brand.

Meaning and History

Mercedes-Benz Logo history

There are several main theories about the origin of the logo. According to one of them, the idea to use the star as the emblem of the brand was nominated by Gottlieb Daimler’s sons. They noticed that their dad drew a three-pointed star on the family postcards as a distinctive symbol and suggested using it as a symbol of the brand. However, some sources insist that the emblem was chosen by Gottlieb Daimler himself. He was obsessed with a three-pointed star and even drew it on his house. Besides, there is a third version that has nothing to do with the owner of the company. It says that the logo is an aircraft propeller or an aircraft sight, as the brand was specialized not only in the production of cars but also in engines for ships. This theory also gives an explanation for the three rays of the star. The first one symbolized the domination of the company on the land, the second one – in the air, and the last one – in the water.

1902 – 1909

Mercedes-Benz Logo 1902

The first design of the Mercedes logo was significantly different from the one that everyone is used to seeing. The emblem consisted of the company name inscribed in a black ellipse. This brand name existed from 1902 to 1909.

1909 – 1916

Mercedes-Benz Logo 1909

The most ambitious rebranding of the Mercedes logo took place in the same 1909: the “sight” completely disappeared, and instead, there was an elongated black inscription “BENZ”, located inside a dark circle. The composition was edged with a white laurel wreath on a black substrate of the circle.

By the way, this was not the only logo widely used during these years. The three-pointed star logo has also become very popular. It was painted gold and set against a white background. This particular sign was invented by Gottlieb Daimler’s sons: Paul and Adolf Daimler.

1916 – 1926

Mercedes-Benz Logo 1916

In 1916, the Mercedes logo again looked like a modern sign. The ends of the white star protruded beyond the scarlet circle, surrounded by a wide black border. Between the two lower edges was the Mercedes lettering. In addition, two more smaller “stars” were placed on the right and left sides of the upper ray.

1926 – 1933

Mercedes-Benz Logo 1926

In this period, the size of the star decreases, and the color is changed to silver. It was located on the same “metallic”, grainy background. The larger diameter circle in bright blue featured small wreath branches that had previously appeared in the 1909 logo. However, compared to the previous emblem, the Mercedes inscription was placed on the top, and the name of one of the founders of the company, Benz, was inscribed on the bottom.

1933 – 1989

Mercedes-Benz Logo 1933-1989

The current Mercedes logo was adopted in early 1933: since then, the laconic emblem has only partially changed the design. Only the black “three-pointed star” icon, placed in a black circle, remained on the brand’s logo. In this case, the inner part of the circle and the background remained white. This logo remained unchanged for the longest period – 56 years.

1933 – Today

Mercedes-Benz Logo 1933

The logo, created for the brand in 1933, and still used by the German automaker today, features a tender and elegant circular badge in blue and white, with the gray and white symbol in the middle. The iconic white star is placed in the center of the composition on a light gray background with a textured pattern. As for the framing, it boasts white floral ornaments on a dark blue background.

1989 – 2009

Mercedes-Benz Logo 1989

1989 – the image on the logo becomes three-dimensional and takes on a texture similar to silver. The same color gained the circle stroke. An interesting detail was that the edges of the star were very thin and sharp, so that created an illusion that it did not touch the circle. Under the emblem could be noticed an inscription “Mercedes-Benz”.

2009 – 2011

Mercedes-Benz Logo 2009

The latest logo design update happened quite recently – in 2009, and this logo is successfully used till now. The main difference is the format of the emblem: it became smaller, while the inscription “Mercedes-Benz” under it, on the contrary, became larger.

2011 – Today

Mercedes-Benz Logo

Another version of the logo for Mercedes Benz, created in 2011, was based on the same idea, though features a slightly elevated color palette and gets more volume, due to the use of a three-dimensional emblem in silver shades. As for the lettering, it is executed in the same elegant and recognizable serif typeface but uses a black color, which adds a sense of timelessness and stability.

Mercedes-Benz Emblem

The Legends

Among legends of the brand could be named Mercedes-Benz W124, which is a series of business-class passenger cars of the German trademark Mercedes-Benz, which was produced in 1984-1996. This model became a real hit and is still deservedly popular among the brand’s fans. Stylish design, practicality, comfort, and amazing reliability are all that brand fans appreciate so much.

The Concept Cars

Mercedes-Maybach has unveiled a new concept car called the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury. The premiere of the new car took place in Beijing at the end of April in 2018.

The car has four separate seats and a floating center console. In general, the vehicle has a modern design that includes the most common features for both Western and Eastern countries. The interior design of the concept car is available in gold and white leather.

An unusual feature of the concept car is a heated tea table with appropriate accessories integrated into an ebony panel. Mercedes -Maybach has been created as an electric vehicle, which is driven by 4 compact electric motors. The maximum speed is 250 km / h.

Race Cars

One of the most famous race cars ever produced by the German company Mercedes can be rightfully called Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, produced in 1955. The first debut took place on May 1 in the famous Italian race “Mille Miglia”, when four new brand race cars took part in the race. Of course, the winner could be only one, and it was Stirling Moss who demonstrated all the unique capabilities of the new car. The record that he established no one has managed to break. The total number of produced copies of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR is 8, but only a few of them survived to this day. Rarity, legend, and technical excellence – this is what determines the great cost and popularity of the model.