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Vlone, a prominent streetwear fashion brand, was established by Jabari Shelton, better known as A$AP Bari, along with A$AP Rocky and CLOT’s Edison Chen. The brand is celebrated for its distinctive style, combining urban aesthetics with high-end fashion elements. Operating primarily in the United States, Vlone has expanded its influence globally, particularly in fashion hubs like New York and Los Angeles, where its bold designs and exclusive releases have garnered a dedicated following among the youth and celebrities alike.

Meaning and history

Vlone, a brainchild of Jabari Shelton (A$AP Bari), A$AP Rocky, and Edison Chen, was founded as a streetwear label that transcends mere fashion to embody a specific lifestyle and attitude. Since its inception, the brand has been synonymous with a unique blend of music, art, and fashion. One of its major breakthroughs came with its collaboration with Nike, resulting in the highly coveted Air Force 1 Vlone sneaker, which became an instant classic upon its release. This collaboration marked Vlone’s entry into the mainstream fashion world, elevating its status from a cult favorite to a globally recognized brand. Today, Vlone stands at the forefront of streetwear fashion, continuing to innovate and influence the industry with its avant-garde designs and exclusive collaborations, while maintaining its roots in the urban culture that birthed it.

What is Vlone?
Vlone is more than just a fashion label; it’s a symbol of individuality and urban culture. Embodying the ethos of ‘live alone, die alone’, the brand melds high fashion with street sensibilities, creating pieces that resonate with a young, dynamic audience. Its influence extends beyond clothing, touching on the realms of music and art, making Vlone a multifaceted cultural icon.

2011 – Today

Vlone Logo

The image features a graphic logo which is stylized to represent the word “Vlone” in a unique typographic design. The logo is comprised of uppercase letters that are heavily modified to create a distinctive look. The letter “V” is particularly prominent, dramatically oversized in comparison to the other letters, and stretches vertically, giving a towering and commanding presence. The rest of the letters appear to be compressed to fit within the height of the “V,” accentuating its dominance in the composition.

The color of the logo is a vivid, monochromatic orange that stands out with a strong visual impact. This choice of a single, bold color against a plain background highlights the design and ensures it is the focal point of the image. The logo has a raw and somewhat urban aesthetic, with intentional irregularities and negative spaces within the letters that suggest a sense of edginess and nonconformity.

This typographic treatment is more than just a literal representation of the word; it’s a visual expression that likely aligns with the brand’s identity it represents. The oversized “V” could symbolize victory, valor, or the individualistic ethos of standing out from the crowd. The choice of orange is energetic and assertive, which might reflect the brand’s dynamic and youthful appeal. Overall, the logo conveys a contemporary and rebellious spirit, designed to resonate with an audience that values uniqueness and self-expression.