Air Jordan Logo

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Many technologies make Air Jordan brand products increase the speed, agility, and stability of an athlete during a basketball game. However, thanks to their amazing quality, the Jordan brand found fans among ordinary people. Practical and stylish shoes for women and men combine beautiful design, innovative materials, and ergonomics. They are suitable for sports, leisure, and travel. In Nike sneakers, little things are well thought out, like comfortable delicate insoles, an elongated toe, etc. They are often advertised by celebrities. There is a chance to create a unique look with them. These are fashion items, which at the same time will last for many years, regardless of the intensity of wearing and training.

Meaning and History

The fashionable sneakers of the Nike Air Jordan line have been produced since 1986 and are still in demand. The Air Jordan was originally planned as a standalone line of basketball shoes with Michael Jordan as the face, but the success was so astonishing that Nike management decided to launch a new brand. Initially, sneakers were produced in black and white and red, but now it is easy to find dark or pastel options as well as bright varieties for young people.

What is Air Jordan?
Air Jordan is a line of athletic shoes and apparel that is owned by the Nike brand. Air Jordans or simply Jordans have become one of the most popular pairs among sneakerheads. The variety of colors allows even the most selective lovers of sneakers to pick up the desired pair. The Air Jordan 1, for instance, is an iconic silhouette that changed the footwear and athletic industries and then transcended its roots to become a favorite in hip-hop, skateboarding, and fashion.

1988 – Today

Air Jordan Logo

The logo of the well-recognized brand is very simple but the success of the brand made it a truly iconic image. It is an image of a man (Michael himself actually) jumping up with his feet widely spread and his right hand stretched down and slightly outward and looking as if the individual is trying to push himself even higher. The head follows the left hand that is held up and holds a ball that looks like it will surely fall right into the imaginary net. The whole silhouette is done in black, so one can see only the outer outline of the person and the clothing and shoes he is wearing.

Font and Color

Air Jordan Emblem

Although the logo typically does not have inscriptions, it is sometimes accompanied by “Jordan” printed in bold, sans-serif, geometric font that resembles MBFMoonlander or Hyperspace Race Extended. The designers chose to use a classic choice when it comes to a color palette. It looks like they knew what they were doing as the logo looks truly timeless. In addition, the black emblem looks great no matter the color of the shoes.