Air Jordan Logo

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Air Jordan, with the iconic Jumpman logo, is a globally recognized brand known for sports footwear and apparel, especially in basketball. Established in 1985 under Nike, it’s closely tied to NBA legend Michael Jordan. Their product range includes basketball sneakers, casual shoes, clothing, and accessories, appealing to athletes, collectors, and sneaker enthusiasts worldwide.

Meaning and History

Air Jordan’s origin is inseparable from Michael Jordan, an all-time basketball great. The Air Jordan 1, with its distinct design and color scheme, broke athletic footwear norms, transforming the industry and symbolizing excellence and innovation.

The brand’s evolution is evident in its signature shoe releases, featuring unique designs and technology. The iconic Jumpman logo, with Michael Jordan’s silhouette, represents the brand’s dedication to performance and style. Air Jordan’s profound influence on sports and fashion undeniably shapes athletic footwear and streetwear culture.

What is Air Jordan?
Air Jordan is a sportswear and clothing brand, established by Nike in 1984. It draws inspiration from the iconic basketball player, Michael Jordan, who is known worldwide. The brand’s inaugural shoe was designed to honor the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

1985 – today

Air Jordan Logo

The Jumpman logo immortalizes the basketball legend in a historic mid-air leap during a pivotal game. Remarkably, this iconic pose was not a staged moment but a result of his sheer focus and gameplay. The breathtaking image, captured from behind, encapsulates his extraordinary athleticism and has become an enduring symbol in the legacy of the American company and the sport of basketball.


Air Jordan Symbol

This logotype has been textless throughout most of its history. However, there is a version that shows a capitalized nameplate with slightly flattened sans-serif characters.


Air Jordan Emblem

The logo style allows designers to abandon strict color limitations and paint it however they want. However, such freedom is more about the sneakers and clothes themselves; the corporate logo is always black or white, depending on the background.