Victoria’s Secret Logo

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Victoria’s Secret is a Miami-based lingerie, apparel, and beauty products brand known for its self-promotion, product quality, and branding events including annual fashion shows.

Meaning and History

Victoria's Secret Logo history

Roy Raymond is the mastermind behind the creation of the brand in 1977. The idea for the underwear brand came to him after he felt humiliated buying underwear for his wife at a department store. He wanted to create a store where men would feel normal while buying underwear for their loved ones. The first store was in Victorian style and the brand name came from Queen Victoria’s name.

In the 1980s, the company greatly expanded its product range to cater to more female customers. After acquiring the brand, Leslie Wexner, founder of L Brands, increased the number of stores from three in 1982 to more stores than any other lingerie retailer in the 90s, thus making VS the leader in its market at that time. Under his leadership, he founded the annual L Brands Fashion Show, full of glamorous models known as ‘angels’ and exquisite outfits

Over the years, Victoria’s Secret has faced various challenges and criticisms, including the representation of the female body in commercials and environmental impact. In response to changing market conditions and consumer attitudes, the brand has made efforts to diversify its product lines and marketing strategies. Despite all the scrutiny, Victoria’s Secret stands tall in the lingerie industry.

What is Victoria’s Secret?
Victoria’s Secret is one of the most famous fashion brands of lingerie, which also sells self-care products, accessories, and fragrances.

1997 – 2009

Victoria's Secret Logo 1997

This wordmark uses a font that is both classic and elegant. The serifs stand out, giving it a traditional look that conveys a sense of sophistication and timelessness. The word ‘VICTORIA’S’ is typed in smaller capital letters, while ‘SECRET’ is rendered in more prominent letters.

The use of pink in the logo is feminine and playful, which is in line with the brand’s image. Plus, this shade is soft and muted here, which gives the brand a delicate and luxurious feel.

2009 – today

Victoria's Secret Logo

The 2009 logo has a modern, cleaner look thanks to the sans-serif font. The letter size has been unified and the lettering ‘VICTORIA’S’ now has equal weight to the lettering “SECRET”. This gives the logo a more modern and streamlined look.


Victoria's Secret Symbol

The font is now bolder and less ornate, reflecting a more modern and simple brand image.


Victoria's Secret Emblem

The color has remained pink, but it has become richer and deeper, indicating a more mature and bolder direction for the brand.