Venmo is a company that most Americans have heard of, even if they’ve never used it themselves. This is an app for Android and iOS that allows users to quickly and easily transfer funds between people. It’s mostly used by friends and marketed as a way to split bills, reimburse friends for taxi rides, or pay roommates half the rent. Like PayPal, Venmo is linked to a bank account or debit/credit card, though the app also has a balance. Basically, the service works as an intermediary, transferring money from a user’s Venmo account to another person’s account. Transferring money to another user’s account can take from several hours to several days

Meaning and History

Venmo Logo history

Venmo was founded in 2009 by two American students and bought by PayPal, the world’s most famous online payment company, in 2013. The founders’ names are Andrew Kortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail. Their friendship started during freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania and turned out to be quite beneficial for both. Venmo started selling real MasterCard debit cards to users in 2018. In 2021, the company added an ability to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies inside a branded mobile app using the funds contained in the wallet.

What is Venmo?
Venmo is a mobile payment service owned by PayPal. Venmo account holders can transfer funds to others using the mobile phone app. More than 70 million users of PayPal’s Venmo mobile payment service can also buy, sell, and keep crypto coins in their Venmo accounts. The sender and recipient must be residents of the United States to use this service.

2009 – 2010

Venmo Logo 2009

Initially, the new company went for a very bright and colorful logo. Although it was simply the name of the company printed using a sans-serif font, which resembled Swank Gothic Bold by BA Graphics Vibrant, with a first letter capitalized, the fact that each letter was a different light color gave the logo a vibrant, energetic, and creative feel. A new beginning is often symbolized by a rainbow, which is exactly what the characters form.

2010  – today

Venmo Logo

At the top of the logo, the viewer can see a large blue square with rounded corners and the company’s initial printed in white. The square image with rounded corners became quite popular with the applications as it allows the company to use only this element of the logo when there is a need to present a visual identity in a small form. The name of the company is printed using a cursive font, which is boosted by a unique curve of the letter “v”, but with all the letters being printed separately. The whole inscription is done using lowercase letters, which add an interesting touch. When it comes to colors, the logo is done in sky blue color. The logo turned out easily readable, memorable, and unique.

Font and Color

Venmo Emblem

The company went for a simple font with a unique touch in the form of curved strokes. It closely resembled the Ronnia ExtraBold Italic font. For the color palette, the designers chose a combination of sky blue and white. Besides making the logo look light and airy, the blue created an image of reliable and trustworthy service. Although these characteristics are a great association for any company, they are especially important for a company that deals with finances.