Supreme is an American brand of higher-class everyday clothes produced by the VF Corporation. The brand was created in 1994 as a chain of brand stores aimed at younger generations and urban subcultures such as skaters. Their products are categorized as general-wear, sports and lifestyle apparel. It’s considered one of the most successful such brands, very popular in North America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere.

Meaning and History

Supreme was created in 1994, intended as a brand of higher-class, almost luxury apparel. It’s not a luxury brand as such, owing to the average quality of materials and relatively lower prices compared to the actual luxury brands. But among the general-wear marques, Supreme is considered one of the top by quality and prestige. That’s essentially why it’s called ‘Supreme’.

What is Supreme?
Supreme is one of the most popular and well-known brands of general-wear clothing in the world. They sell a variety of clothe types, from sportswear to everyday apparel. It’s immensely popular in North America, Europe, Asia and many other regions.

1994 – today

Supreme Logo

The Supreme logo hasn’t changed at all since the brand started. There were some variations, seasonal versions and alternative designs. However, the main logotype stayed exactly the same since 1994.

It depicts a wide sort of rectangle with the word ‘Supreme’ inside. The latter is written using a rather basic set of sans-serif letters with a slight tilt to the side. The letter ‘S’ is capitalized, while the rest are lowercase. Whereas the rectangle is painted with a brightly red color, the letters use white instead.


Supreme Symbol

The font is a pretty basic, typographic sans-serif script, moderately bold. It’s not unique per se, but this particular design has long been associated with the brand. So much so, this exact text composition is sometimes used as a play or a cultural reference to Supreme. It’s pretty distinct, despite the general basicness of its elements.


Supreme Emblem

While red and white is the iconic Supreme color palette (both for clothing and branding), there are other designs, as well. Another major color is black, which is sometimes used instead of red or white for the letters. In the latter case, however, there is a slight white outline around these characters.