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The Super Bowl is the yearly competition of the National Football League (NFL), highlighting the end of the playing season. It features the victorious teams of the NFL’s conference-wide tournaments trying to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Apart from being an athletic event, the Super Bowl became a national pride for the US, proclaimed for its massive viewership numbers, elaborate ads, and star-studded inter shows.

Meaning and History

Super Bowl Logo history

This legendary competition originated from the NFL and AFL union agreement, leading to a yearly competition among the conference champions since 1970. Evolving beyond a mere sports match, it turned into the beacon of American football industry, akin to an unofficial holiday.

With its huge number of fans, both in the U.S. and internationally, the Super Bowl is celebrated not just for the intense football game but also for its high-end advertisements and star-studded performances. Social gatherings and sports-related festivities surround this event, with the victorious club given the Vince Lombardi Trophy, named in honor of the renowned coach of the Green Bay Packers who secured wins in the first two Super Bowls.

What is Super Bowl?
The Super Bowl is the largest competition in the American football industry, held on the last Sunday of February. The show stars top-tier clubs from the NFL, who compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the online and offline presence of millions of fans.

I (1967)

Super Bowl Logo 1967

A classic, bold font with ‘First World Championship Game AFL vs NFL’ in red on a gray banner.

II (1968)

Super Bowl Logo 1968

A patriotic theme with ‘SUPER BOWL’ in large, block letters, underscored by three stars and red stripes.

III (1969)

Super Bowl Logo 1969

A modernist style, with ‘SUPER BOWL’ in a blue sans-serif font, the ‘O’ represented by a football.

IV (1970)

Super Bowl Logo 1970

A dynamic design, the word ‘SUPER’ arching above a large ‘BOWL IV’ with stars and stripes on the football.

V (1971)

Super Bowl Logo 1971

A straightforward style with ‘SUPER BOWL V’ in a strong serif font, colored in deep blue.

VI (1972)

Super Bowl Logo 1972

The numeral ‘VI’ stands out in gold with a simplistic ‘SUPER BOWL’ in blue above.

VII (1973)

Super Bowl Logo 1973

A return to the classic, with ‘SUPER BOWL VII’ in a bold red font.

VIII (1974)

Super Bowl Logo 1974

A playful typeface for ‘SUPER BOWL VIII’ with a wave-like blue pattern.

IX (1975)

Super Bowl Logo 1975

A minimalist design with a sleek ‘SUPER BOWL IX’ in light blue.

X (1976)

Super Bowl Logo 1976

A celebratory style with ‘SUPER BOWL X’ in gold, giving a sense of grandeur.

XI (1977)

Super Bowl Logo 1977

Bold red ‘SUPER BOWL XI’ with a graphic element resembling a goal post or a cheerleader’s megaphone.

XII (1978)

Super Bowl Logo 1978

‘SUPER BOWL XII’ in a patriotic red font, complemented by a blue outline.

XIII (1979)

Super Bowl Logo 1979

A striking design with a red ‘SUPER BOWL XIII’ and a blue, star-filled football.

XIV (1980)

Super Bowl Logo 1980

Elegant ‘SUPER BOWL XIV’ in a cursive-like font, with a strong, assertive presence.

XV (1981)

Super Bowl Logo 1981

A grand, gold ‘XV’ dominates, with ‘SUPER BOWL’ in a serif font above.

XVI (1982)

Super Bowl Logo 1982

A modern approach with ‘SUPER BOWL XVI’ in bold blue and yellow, featuring a football and goalpost icon.

XVII (1983)

Super Bowl Logo 1983

A classic look, ‘SUPER BOWL XVII’ in a serif font with a football design above it.

XVIII (1984)

Super Bowl Logo 1984

A creative twist with ‘SUPER BOWL’ in white on a blue banner, flanked by red and white stripes.

XIX (1985)

Super Bowl Logo 1985

A strong, futuristic design with ‘SUPER BOWL XIX’ in a sleek font, with red and blue accents.

XX (1986)

Super Bowl Logo 1986

A bold departure, ‘SUPER BOWL’ on a blue ribbon, with ‘XX’ in a large, angular font.

XXI (1987)

Super Bowl Logo 1987

The emblem boasts a sophisticated rose in dark red and stylized ‘SUPER BOWL XXI’ in blue and red tones, perhaps reflecting the game’s location in Pasadena, home of the Rose Bowl.

XXII (1988)

Super Bowl Logo 1988

This shield-like design employs a classic American color scheme with ‘SUPER BOWL XXII’ prominently in the center.

XXIII (1989)

Super Bowl Logo 1989

Bold and streamlined, the logo features ‘SUPER BOWL XXIII’ in a strong red font, accompanied by graphic elements resembling goal posts.

XXIV (1990)

Super Bowl Logo 1990

Elegance is key in this diamond-shaped design with a blue border and ‘SUPER BOWL XXIV’ in red and white, offering a nod to tradition.

XXV (1991)

Super Bowl Logo 1991

Patriotism shines through in this star-themed logo, centering ‘SUPER BOWL XXV’ within a star-spangled banner design.

XXVI (1992)

Super Bowl Logo 1992

Vibrancy radiates from this crest, with ‘SUPER BOWL XXVI’ surrounded by red and blue elements, giving a sense of motion.

XXVII (1993)

Super Bowl Logo 1993

Intricate in design, the emblem features ‘SUPER BOWL’ on a ribbon above a stylized ‘XXVII,’ complete with a floral-like motif suggesting festivity.

XXVIII (1994)

Super Bowl Logo 1994

The logo strikes a chord with its angular, futuristic ‘SUPER BOWL XXVIII’ set against a palette of blue and silver.

XXIX (1995)

Super Bowl Logo 1995

Colors burst forth in a dynamic starburst pattern, framing ‘SUPER BOWL XXIX’ in bold lettering.

XXX (1996)

Super Bowl Logo 1996

Southwestern motifs create a kaleidoscopic effect around the central ‘SUPER BOWL XXX.’

XXXI (1997)

Super Bowl Logo 1997

Speed and movement are suggested by the italicized lettering of ‘SUPER BOWL XXXI’ and the stylized football and goalpost design.

XXXII (1998)

Super Bowl Logo 1998

Sleekness defines this logo, with a strong horizontal emphasis and ‘SUPER BOWL XXXII’ underscored by an elongated graphic.

XXXIII (1999)

Super Bowl Logo 1999

Chunky font and a stylized sunburst pattern lend a modern, emblematic look to ‘SUPER BOWL XXXIII.’

XXXIV (2000)

Super Bowl Logo 2000

Futurism comesintoo play in the sharp design featuring ‘SUPER BOWL XXXIV’ against a navy and gold silhouette of a football.

XXXV (2001)

Super Bowl Logo 2001

Strength is on display with the bold, blocky ‘SUPER BOWL XXXV,’ where red and blue Roman numerals interlock.

XXXVI (2002)

Super Bowl Logo 2002

Stately font and a fleur-de-lis motif subtly nod to the host city, New Orleans, in this distinguished logo for ‘SUPER BOWL XXXVI.’

XXXVII (2003)

Super Bowl Logo 2003

The design for ‘SUPER BOWL XXXVII’ is lively and curvaceous, with navy lettering accented by a yellow football shape and vivid red details.

XXXVIII (2004)

Super Bowl Logo 2004

Cleanliness and modernity are central to this design, encapsulating ‘SUPER BOWL XXXVIII’ in blue and red within a stylized silver football outline.

XXXIX (2005)

Super Bowl Logo 2005

Minimalism guides this design, featuring ‘SUPER BOWL XXXIX’ in solid blue typeface, complemented by silver football imagery.

XL (2006)

Super Bowl Logo 2006

Commemoration is the theme, with ‘SUPER BOWL XL’ displayed in a return to a more classic, straightforward red, white, and blue style.

XLI (2007)

Super Bowl Logo 2007

Vivid orange and blue hues infuse energy into the logo, featuring a football in forward motion atop the event’s name.

XLII (2008)

Super Bowl Logo 2008

Red, white, and blue return with a dynamic, angular shape giving a sense of forward thrust to the football above.

XLIII (2009)

Super Bowl Logo 2009

The design presents a streamlined football in motion, slicing through the event title set against a backdrop of red and turquoise.

XLIV (2010)

Super Bowl Logo 2010

Stark contrasts between the orange and deep blue hues offer a bold statement, with the Lombardi Trophy centrally placed.

XLV (2011)

Super Bowl Logo 2011

Simplicity reigns with a monochrome Lombardi Trophy, highlighting the event’s name in a classic serif font.

XLVI (2012)

Super Bowl Logo 2012

Architectural elements beneath the trophy give a nod to the host city’s skyline, setting the stage in grayscale tones.

XLVII (2013)

Super Bowl Logo 2013

Similar architectural motifs continue, with a slightly altered perspective on the trophy and skyline, maintaining the grayscale palette.

XLVIII (2014)

Super Bowl Logo 2014

The trophy stands tall against the backdrop of a stylized stadium, evoking the grandeur of the event in metallic tones.

XLIX (2015)

Super Bowl Logo 2015

Monochromatic elegance is displayed as the trophy is flanked by bold, stylized numerals denoting the event’s year.

50 (2016)

Super Bowl Logo 2016

Celebrating a milestone, the logo breaks tradition with ’50’ in large, gold numerals, flanked by the Lombardi Trophy and black accents.

LI (2017)

Super Bowl Logo 2017

Red and gray shades dominate, highlighting the trophy and creating a sense of depth with the bold ‘LI’ below.

LII (2018)

Super Bowl Logo 2018

Continuity is key, as the design mirrors its predecessor’s style, this time with the number ‘LII’ in strong, metallic letters.

LIII (2019)

Super Bowl Logo 2019

The logo depicts the trophy, supported by the numerals ‘LIII’ in a deep blue, creating a sleek appearance.

LIV (2020)

Super Bowl Logo 2020

Modernity surfaces with crisp, clean lines as the trophy stands above the ‘LIV,’ fashioned in a minimalist style.

LV (2021)

Super Bowl Logo 2021

Metallic tones return, offering a contemporary look with the Lombardi Trophy perched above the ‘LV’ encased in a silver hue.

LVI (2022)

Super Bowl Logo 2022

Boldness comes forth in this logo, with a fiery backdrop suggesting the host city’s vibrant culture, the trophy front and center.

LVII (2023)

Super Bowl Logo 2023

The design captures attention with a rich blue and purple palette, symbolizing regality and the thrill of the game.

LVIII (2024)

Super Bowl Logo

Future-forward, the logo features a sleek trophy design, with the numerals ‘LVIII’ in a stylized font, hinting at innovation and progress.

LIX (2025)

Super Bowl Logo 2025

The logo features the Roman numeral “LIX,” which corresponds to the number 59. The design includes the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the center, a silhouette of a person playing the trumpet, a stylized city skyline, and a color scheme of green, purple, and gold. The words “SUPER BOWL” are displayed at the bottom with a golden gradient.


The brand designers have used a whole bunch of color codes throughout the brand’s illustrious history, and rebrandings. However, the latter logotypes feature a minimalistic combination, based on metallic gray combined with some other hues.


The recent logotypes feature a somewhat flattened typeface with rounded characters and no serifs or extensive elements.