Alabama Crimson Tide Logo

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Alabama Crimson Tide is the athletic core of the University of Alabama. It is a member of NCAA Division I and encompasses diverse disciplines. The football team is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished, with numerous championship titles and trophies.

Meaning and History

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo history

The history of the Alabama Crimson Tide is steeped in glory and distinction. The football program, founded in 1892, has evolved into one of the most triumphant in the annals of college football.

Under the iconic leadership of coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, who helmed the team from 1958 to 1982, the Crimson Tide achieved extraordinary triumphs, capturing an impressive six national championships during his tenure. Bryant’s guidance forged a legacy of excellence that endures to the present day.

In the contemporary era, coach Nick Saban has carried the torch of Bryant’s heritage, propelling the Crimson Tide to unprecedented heights. Since assuming the reins in 2007, Saban has steered Alabama to an astounding seven national championships (as of 2021), cementing the program’s supremacy in college football.

What is Alabama Crimson Tide?
Alabama Crimson Tide is an athletic organization sponsored by the University of Alabama. It includes numerous varsity teams in football, hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. They represent the university in the top championships of the NCAA.

1952 – 1958

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 1952

A majestic elephant of a royal crimson color. Its ear as well as the cloth dropped over its back feature a beige color, which is also used for some other minor details. The elephant is holding an ice cream, which is an interesting element considering that this is a logo of an athletic organization. The U and A letters on the cloth stand for the “University Athletics”. Although the elephant might not be the fastest animal, it is considered wise and strong, so no obstacles can stand in their way. These are surely great qualities for any athletic team.  This animal also symbolizes luck and vitality.

1973 – 1998

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 1973

The logo prominently featured a dark red letter “A” with rectangular serifs, surrounded by a white elongated scroll forming the foundation for the “CRIMSON TIDE” inscription. A black-gray elephant was positioned behind the “A,” depicted maneuvering through the gap with one leg and a head adorned with formidable tusks protruding from the opening.

1998 – 2004

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 1998

The subsequent logo portrayed the elephant’s head in a frontal view, exuding menace with an intense gaze from beneath its brow. The extended ears and stretched trunk, along with curved upward tusks, added to the artwork’s skillful play of shadows and contours. The word ‘Alabama’ in red was inscribed below the illustration using a bold typeface with rectangular serifs, with the second part of the name flattened and colored white.

2004 – 2018

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 2004

In this iteration, the sports teams’ name appeared in gray within a dark red ring, bordered by a broad black stripe. The inscription, using a font with rectangular serifs, followed the ring and conveyed a classic appeal. In contrast, the letter “A” had a unique design, inclined towards the right with gracefully curving lines.

2018 – today

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo

The raspberry-colored letter “A” embodies the spirit of the phrase “Crimson Tide” by evoking wave imagery. The slant and decorative wavy lines of the glyph infuse the logo with dynamism and liveliness, highlighting the strength and tenacity of the athletes.


Alabama Crimson Tide Symbol

The 2018 emblem of the Alabama Crimson Tide does not incorporate any written text or inscriptions. It solely focuses on the letter “A,” which is crafted in a distinct custom typography style. The letter “A” is designed with wavy lines and serifs.


Alabama Crimson Tide Emblem

The logotype only consists of a raspberry-red hue, which is balanced using a transparent backdrop.