St. Louis Cardinals

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St. Louis Cardinals was the name of the professional rugby franchise, which is to-day known as Arizona Cardinals. The team was established in 1920 in Chicago, Il-linois, and moved to St. Louis in 1960, where they played until 1987.

Team History:

  • 1920-1959: Chicago Cardinals
  • 1960-1987: St. Louis Cardinals
  • 1988-1993: Phoenix Cardinals
  • 1994-Present: Arizona Cardinals

Logo history

St. Louis Cardinals

Though the team played for St. Louis for less than 30 years, its visual identity has undergone three redesigns, commemorating the two most significant periods in the team’s logo history.

1960 — 1961

St. Louis Cardinals

After moving to St. Louis, the Cardinals changed their slightly naive brown bird on a white football logo to a modern and unique one. The new version depicted a huge muscle red cardinal bird, wearing while rugby pants with red stripes and holding a white football. The bird was running in football shoes into the end-zone of the field. It was a fun, cartoonish, yet extremely strong and powerful image in a bright color palette evoking a sense of passion and determination.

1962 — 1969

St. Louis Cardinals

In 1962 all the extra elements were removed from the logo and the running bird was now placed under a white arch in a delicate black outline. The color of the bird became brighter and the mood changed from aggressive and brutal to a more re-laxed and professional one.

1970 — 1987

St. Louis Cardinals

The iconic red bird head we all know and love today was designed in 1970 and stayed with the team for many years. It was a profile of the red cardinal bird, turned to the right. The image was executed in red, yellow, and black, and looked modern and remarkable.


During the St. Louis Era the bird’s head was mainly placed on a white or yellow background, accompanied by a custom wordmark in black or red. The icon became instantly recognizable really fast, due to its simple shape and intense color palette.


St. Louis Cardinals

The helmets of the St. Louis Cardinals featured a plain white color with a simple metallic grill. The only eye-catching element was the red bird’s head placed on the sides of the helmet.


The team’s uniform was composed of jerseys and pants in red and white, the color was alternating depending on whether the team played at home or not. The red jer-seys were complemented by bold white players’ numbers and delicate additional detail on the shoulders, while the whole pants featured thick red side stripes.