Smirk Emoji

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All emoji have specific meanings, but they can be perceived differently by different people depending on context and cultural sensitivities. For example, the same emoji can evoke positive or negative associations in different cultures.

Therefore, it is important to consider the context and specifics of communication when using emojis. Also keep in mind that in some situations it may be more appropriate to use words to convey emotions, especially in business or official correspondence.

Today we want to talk about a not the most positive emoji, The Smirk Face, and we will try to reveal its meaning as well as point out in what situations it can be used locally.

😏 The Smirk Face Emoji was assigned the code U+1F60F, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Smirk Emoji

Already in the name and look of this emoji, you can guess its meaning. The Smirk Face Emoji.

The smirk face emoji is often found both in personal messages and in social networks. So what can it mean? For example, if a person smirks, gloats, or is sly, but does not say it directly – he may use this emoticon in his message. Also, this emoticon displays secrecy or cunning. So, sometimes you can answer gloating. But sometimes, the interlocutor tries to express pride for something through this emoticon.

Smirk Emojis

In what cases will the Smirk Face be normal to use: most often after a successful, appropriately said and may even be a barbed phrase. Or smirk can also indicate an attitude to a future event, the outcome of which is known in advance, as if meaning “I told you”.

This cunning emoticon can also express the idea of some common plan – for example, to get together in the evening or meet at a friend’s place.

The Use of the Smirk Emoji

The Smirk Face is an emoji with slyness and some smugness. By sending it, the interlocutor expresses a slight superiority or rejoices in his success, for example, in cases when one did not believe in them. Also, this emoticon can convey irony. In the case of a clever idea or a cleverly planned joke, it will also be appropriate.

The Smirk emoji can also be used in a situation where there has been a discussion, argument, or debate. In such a case, the person who sends it feels superiority or even victory, so he can send this sly smiley face.

It can also mean something evil. For example, a smirk at the sight of the opponent’s failure, or even some gloating.

The Smirk Face can also be playful or humorous, depending on the context. It can express intrigue, knowledge of a secret, or something special that is hinted at but you are not going to tell.

This emoji can also become your assistant in the first stages of courting someone or flirting. For example, if you don’t really understand how a person feels about you and whether it’s worth trying to take things to the next level. The Smirk Face is a great indicator of how the person you’re talking to is feeling, and sometimes it can even encourage you to start something more.

Emoji Smirk


All emoticons are mostly designed to convey the emotion of the person who is writing the message. The Smirk Face Emoji depicts a smirk. The eyes are looking away and the mouth is slightly distorted in a smirk. In most messages, this emoji denotes slyness, flirtation, and a little secrecy.

It can be sent to someone you know well or someone you are flirting with. It will mean: wait a little, soon you will know something, it creates intrigue. It makes you want to ask: Are you up to something?

But if there is a serious or unfamiliar person on the other side of the monitor, or the conversation itself is serious, you should not send this emoticon. It will be inappropriate.