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October’s Very Own, commonly known as OVO, is a Canadian clothing and music brand co-founded by celebrated rapper Drake, alongside his manager Oliver El-Khatib and producer Noah ’40’ Shebib in 2008.

Meaning and History

Initially a lifestyle and clothing line mirroring Drake’s persona and his October birth, OVO evolved to include a record label, OVO Sound, under Warner Records in 2012. The brand, symbolized by its iconic owl logo, seamlessly merges music, fashion, and cultural trends, gaining widespread acclaim. It’s renowned for its collaborations and has significantly influenced both the music and fashion industries.

What is Ovo?
Ovo is a Canadian fashion and music marque founded in 2008 by a rapper Drake, alongside his manager Oliver El-Khatib and producer Noah ’40’ Shebib in 2008.

2012 – today

Ovo Logo

The logo features a representation of an owl, stylized in a simplistic yet sophisticated manner. It features a standing owl, characterized by minimal lines that capture the essence of the creature’s form without delving into intricate details.

Its eyes are notably round and prominent, a nod to the traditional symbolism of wisdom and vigilance, which owls are commonly associated with. This feature makes the owl instantly recognizable and gives the logo a sense of intelligence and awareness.

The simplicity of the design ensures that it remains legible and distinctive at different sizes, whether it’s displayed on a large billboard or as a small profile image on social media. The choice of color for the owl can be interpreted as a strategic move to maintain a high level of adaptability, allowing for the logo to be easily integrated into various color schemes and branding materials.


Ovo Symbol

The owl is rendered in a single, solid color, emphasizing a contemporary design approach that lends itself to versatile use across various mediums.


Ovo Emblem

The logo usually comes without any inscription. However, some versions include the brand’s renowned acronym, written in a thick typeface with the sharpened ‘V’ and extra rounded ‘O’ characters.