North Korean Car Brands

North Korean Car Brands

Chongjin Bus Works

North Korean Car Brands

Founded: 1972

Headquarters: North Korea

The company is engaged in the production of buses and trolleybuses, including the most famous solar-powered trolleybus – Jipsam 86.

Kim Jong Tae Locomotive Works

Founded: 10 November 1945

Headquarters: Sŏsŏng-guyŏk, P’yŏngyang, North Korea

It is the largest manufacturer of railway equipment in North Korea, founded in November 1945. The plant produces and repairs electric and diesel locomotives, passenger cars, trams and metro trains.

Pyeonghwa Motors

North Korean Car Brands

Founded: 1999

Founder: Sun Myung Moon

Headquarters: Nampo, North Korea


It is a manufacturer of small passenger cars as well as luxury vehicle models. The company, founded in 1999, was established thanks to the joint efforts of the North Korean company Ryonbong General Corporation and Pyeonghwa from South Korea. Interestingly, the latter belongs to the Unification Church founded in Seoul. In addition, the company manufactures vans, buses, SUVs and pickups. The capacity of the enterprise allows the company to produce up to 10,000 vehicles per year. However, due to the lack of a civilized car market in North Korea, the company produces only 300-400 vehicles per year.

Sungri Motor Plant

Founded: November 1950

Headquarters: Tokchon, North Korea

Manufacturer of both cars and trucks, buses and power units.