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The Moose Knuckles brand is a Canadian company specializing in high-quality outerwear, mainly parkas and jackets. Founded in Toronto in 2009, the Moose Knuckles brand has quickly gained popularity for its unique combination of style, comfort, and functionality.

Meaning and history

The brand was founded back in 1927, but due to certain circumstances, it disintegrated. In 2007, it was revived by Will Poho while doing his coursework at university, an assignment so flawlessly executed that it grew into a successful business.

The first Moose Knuckles stores opened in 2008, and since then sales have grown by 5000% thanks to the brand’s constant concern for the most important things to its customers: quality, fit, warmth, and style.

The company uses modern technological developments, including rubberized inner fabric, combined and elastic stretch materials, as well as high-quality down and feather as insulation, to produce wigs and down jackets that keep warm as much as possible. The signature decorative element – a metal emblem on the sleeve – is a print of a moose footprint, which reflects the brand’s stance on harmony with nature.

Moose Knuckles have become popular not only in Canada but also in many other countries around the world. Their products are in demand among those who appreciate style, quality, and functionality.

Although the Moose Knuckles brand specializes in winter clothing, their products are also popular as urban fashion items, making them one of the leading players in the outerwear market.

Nowadays Moose Knuckles is a very fashionable brand, producing premium segment clothing with a bias towards technology and promoting its original style with elements of epatage and disregard for conventions. Models such as the Stirling Parka, 3Q Jacket, and Ballistic Bomber have become global bestsellers, worn by celebrities and those who appreciate comfort even in the harshest weather conditions. The brand also has a Gold Series, which includes limited edition gold parkas with a 14K gold Moose Knuckles logo.

The brand takes its name from an American slang expression that means “a cruel blow”. But at the same time, it also refers to the symbol of Canada – moose, which emphasizes the Canadian origin of the brand.

On each down jacket inside there is a logo showing the struggle of Canadian hockey players, thus showing that the company treats everything with humor and shows love for the national sport.

What is Moose Knuckles?
Moose Knuckles is the name of a Canadian outerwear brand for women, men, and children. Moose Knuckles clothing is known for its quality and functionality. It is built to handle the harsh winter conditions in Canada and other cold climates. The brand uses only high-quality materials such as natural fur, goose down, and water-repellent fabrics.

In terms of visual identity, the Moose Knuckles brand fully reflects its philosophy and vision of fashion. The logo of the label is a moose footprint that reflects the brand’s stance on harmony with nature.

2009 – Today

Moose Knuckles Logo

The Moose Knuckles logo is a combination of timeless elegance and stylish progressiveness. The wordmark is what is responsible for the elegance — the classy serif inscripto with small sharp serifs on the ends of straight short bars, and the elongated and slightly curved tails of the “K”s. As for the progressiveness — it’s the work of the brand’s emblem, which is inscribed into the “Moose”, replacing the double “O” and representing the stylized footprint of a moose.

Font and color

Moose Knuckles Emblem

The classy uppercase lettering from the Moose Knuckles insignia is set in a custom serif typeface, which looks like a modified Elegía Light Caps of Gouda Titling Regular. The font was designed exclusively for the brand.

In terms of colors, Moose Knuckles is as laconic as most of its fashion colleagues. The combination of black and white is a win-win choice, which represents elegance, quality, and excellence.