Jacksonville Jaguars Logo

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The Jacksonville Jaguars, a formidable professional football franchise from Florida, proudly represents the NFL’s American Football Conference (AFC) South division. Its roots can be traced back to the late 1980s, when the visionaries of “Touchdown Jacksonville!” formed an ownership group, determined to bring an NFL team to their city.

Meaning and History

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo history

Despite initial challenges due to an outdated stadium and the city’s relatively small population, the organization persevered and finally secured an expansion team status in 1995. Wayne Weaver, a notable American businessman, took charge as the team’s owner until 2011 when he decided to pass the baton to Pakistani-born entrepreneur Shahid Khan, who has since led the team with unwavering dedication.

Interestingly, the team’s name, “Jacksonville Jaguars,” was chosen before the team’s arrival, originating from a contest among soccer fans who considered three options: Jaguars, Sharks, and Stingrays. The majestic old jaguar residing in the local zoo, the oldest of its species in North America, inspired the choice and became a symbol of pride for the city.

What is Jacksonville Jaguars?
The Jacksonville Jaguars, with a legacy of championship titles and a devoted fanbase, continue to leave an indelible mark in the NFL, carrying the spirit of the majestic jaguar as a symbol of their unwavering focus and determination.

1993 – 1994

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo 1993

The emblem’s history is marked by creative transformations. The first version, resembling an automaker’s logo, was replaced to avoid legal issues. The new emblem featured a dynamic leaping jaguar with exposed teeth and extended claws, exuding aggression and boldness with its black and yellow color scheme.

1994 – 2013

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo 1995

A subsequent update in 1994 introduced a snarling jaguar head, fiercer than ever, and sporting a distinctive teal tongue, a playful touch by Wayne Weaver’s wife. This symbolized their determination to take on any opponent, including the Panthers, another expansion team.

2013 – today

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo

In 2013, under Shahid Khan’s ownership, a fresh redesign aimed to portray the jaguar with unparalleled realism and strength. The modernized emblem depicted the jaguar roaring with power, while subtle changes in its ears and eyes added to the captivating authenticity. The refined design dropped harsh lines for a polished and fierce representation of the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Jacksonville Jaguars Emblem

Maintaining their iconic color combination of black and gold, the updated logo also embraced teal, a defining addition that enhanced its vibrancy and uniqueness.


Jacksonville Jaguars Symbol

The emblem did away with spelling out the team’s name, relying on a single, powerful image to convey the essence of the club.