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H&M is a Swedish transnational corporation that runs over 4K retail locations under various names and 75 self-branded stores. They typically sell clothing, accessories, and footwear, replicated and mass-reproduced from older high-fashion goods at a lower price. The combination of decent quality products and affordable prices has made H&M the second-largest clothing retailer worldwide.

Meaning and History

H&M Logo history

Erling Persson is the brainchild behind the H&M brand. After a trip to the United States after WW2, he was impressed by high-volume clothing stores popular in the country. When he got back to Sweden in 1947, he opened the first H&M store in Västerås, which focused on women’s items. Hence the original brand name – Hennes, meaning ‘Hers’ in English.

His business grew rapidly, opening a second location in 1964. Four years later, Persson purchased a hunting menswear retail store called Mauritz Widforss in Stockholm, which led to the introduction of the male product line and transition to the name Hennes & Mauritz.

What is H&M?
H&M is a multinational company from Sweden, which sells affordable clothes, bags, and accessories for men and women.

1947 – 1968

H&M Logo 1947

The earliest logo is simply the word ‘Hennes’ in cursive, white neon-like font on a dark background, suggesting it was probably a sign on a store front.

1968 – 1968

H&M Logo 1968

The following iteration marks the transition to the acronym ‘H&M’ with ‘Hennes’ and ‘Mauritz’ written in a smaller font encircling the ampersand, which connects the ‘H’ and ‘M.’ The logo is enclosed in an oval shape and has a hand-drawn feel.

1968 – 1999

H&M Logo 1968-1999

The designers add a composition of red ‘H&M’ where the letters are connected by a red ampersand. The letters and ampersand appear to be hand-painted with a brush due to the texture and stroke edges. This design conveys a sense of casual style and approachability.

1999 – today

H&M Logo

The latter logo is a refined version of the previous one. The ‘H&M’ is still in the red, but the letters and the ampersand have been streamlined and modernized with clean lines and no brush texture, giving it a more contemporary and professional look.


H&M Symbol

H&M uses a warm and pleasant red color to depict its official logotype.


H&M Emblem

The brand’s logotype features only the name caption, rendered in two extra bold characters and an ampersand. Each letter looks hand-drawn with a brush.