Heart Emoji: Is there more to it than just a symbol of love?

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When communicating with each other, we use intonation, gestures, and facial expressions to enliven the exchange of information and more accurately convey its meaning. What to do when the dialogue takes place online via text messaging or e-mail? How to express joy or disappointment from what you heard, your approval or protest?

In various chats, this problem was partially solved through graphic pictures and emojis. In emoji language, a heart can symbolize sadness or even envy besides traditional association with love. Let’s see how one heart can replace a thousand words and maybe even completely change your life and your future.

Why the color of the heart you send is so important

This ❤️ heart is a straightforward way to convey your feelings without any hints.

Red Heart emoji

The red version comes to mind first and is associated with love and romantic feelings in their classical sense. It’s also a way to show that you care and like someone/something.

An 🧡heart is chosen when a red one seems to be too bold or straightforward.

Orange Heart emoji

Orange is the new red for those who chickened out at the last minute. Usually, a person moves their finger from one color to another for a long time, and in the end, chooses a more neutral version.

A 💜 heart means magic.

Purple Heart emoji

The purple emoji is closely linked with magic, mystery, and royalty. It also signifies excitement. Why? There is a track called Purple Emoji by Ty Dolla Sign. That’s it, it’s standard now! This color

This 💙 heart is neutral and often see in chats with friends.

Blue Heart emoji

Blue has a rather neutral meaning. Many consider it the corporate heart emoji. It is often used with an emoji that indicates direction, or with a ⚡ indicating discounts, sales, and important news. You can send it to your friends and use in group chats.

A💚heart is a sign that the sender is ready for a more serious relationship.

Green Heart emoji

There are two options. In some cases, it reflects tension in relationships and jealousy. On the contrary, it can be an invitation to develop relationships (green light in relationships). The feeling behind this emoji is similar to almost any other heart: affection, gratitude, and other positive meanings.

This🖤heart is a symbol of grief and breakup, hate, or dark humor.

Black Heart emoji

Black heart is used to reflect sadness and symbolize breakup. It can also visually say that you liked someone’s dark humor joke. The black color can be associated with power as well as something evil, dark, and hatred. In some cultures, it is a symbol of loyalty.

A 🤎 heart gives a feeling of warmth and brings thoughts of sweets and chocolate.

Brown Heart emoji

A brown heart means either broken hopes or warm feelings for chocolate. It can be a symbol of adoration and, sometimes, loyalty. It surely has positive associations with it. The exact interpretation depends on the context and culture, of course.

A 💛 heart can be sent to relatives and close friends.

Yellow Heart emoji

This is a great option for messages with your family and close friends, including romantic relationships that gradually develop into a friendship. You can choose a yellow heart to greet on Mother’s Day when talking with your grandmother or an ex-girlfriend who stayed a good friend to you.

This🤍 heart is all about purity, innocence, and cleanliness.

White Heart emoji

The color of this emoticon typically symbolizes purity of intentions and conveys a selfless attitude to the recipient, emphasizing high moral feelings. It is also a sign of devotion. The meanings here are angel, “Good night”, peace, and remember. This obviously tells us that it is often used to pay tribute to someone who has passed on.

Two 💕hearts should be used by those who are just starting a relationship

Two Heart emoji

This is a flirty emoji for those just starting out in a relationship or deeply smitten by someone. You can add it if you start dating someone and want to tell them: “We are together no matter what.” It is a sign of togetherness.

There is more to these emojis….

A broken heart 💔 brings a feeling of sadness. In its usual meaning, it means that the other party hurt or destroyed your love or upset you.

broken heart emoji

A Cupid’s heart 💘 says that the sender is “smitten” or declares eternal love.

Cupid’s heart emoji

The sender of the heart gift (with a bow) 💝 emoji gives the other side their heart, that is, love.

heart with a bow emoji

A sparkling heart 💖says “You are my everything” or “You are my universe”.

sparkling heart emoji

A beating heart 💓shows that the user experiences a thrill of love for their beloved (faster heartbeat at the sight of the object of adoration). This is what such a heart emoji typically conveys.

beating heart emoji

A mending or bandaged heart ❤️ 🩹can symbolize not only physical pain but also emotional trauma or heartbreak. You can add it to your messages if you are experiencing deep emotions and needs support or understanding. It can also mean one-sided love.

bandaged heart emoji

A growing heart 💗 suggests that the user is starting to feel affection and compassion for the first time.

growing heart emoji

The heart exclamation❣️ is a sign of strong affection or excitement. It is used to confirm general plans.

heart exclamation emoji

A heart on fire ❤️‍🔥 depicts a flaming heart where the flame symbolizes passionate love.

heart on fire emoji

Bottom line

Correspondence on social networks is becoming an integral part of our lives. The use of emojis is convenient because you don’t need to waste time formulating or understanding what’s written. The text is shortened. For example, instead of three words “I kiss you,” you would send a kiss emoji and everything is clear.

It’s not difficult to learn how to choose ❤️ heart symbols by color and shape. It is important to correctly understand the symbolic meaning of the heart to apply it in the right situation. We hope that this article helped you decide which emoji to use.