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Today, the sporty style has become incredibly popular on social media. Many users publish photos in sportswear and shoes, demonstrating their lifestyle and passion for sports. A young brand of activewear, Halara, has managed to take advantage of this.

Meaning and history

Halara belongs to that small but rapidly gaining popularity type of retail, which sells not so much goods as an idea and a way of life. Such a store vitally needs social networks as the best channel for spreading ideas and, consequently, goods.

Over the past ten years, thousands of Chinese manufacturers have begun selling clothing directly online, bypassing the retailers who have traditionally sourced products from the country. Equipped with English-language social media profiles, Amazon accounts, and access to flexible supply chains, they have helped accelerate trends and flooded their closets with tons of incredibly cheap goods.

But the clothes offered by the Halara brand are not classic low-end products, but really cool sportswear for modern girls. And this quality and style are confirmed by the way Halara became popular. It happened thanks to TikTok, where the brand collected millions of positive reviews and a bunch of videos of satisfied customers.

The Halara online store and brand, in general, is specially created for those who want to dress sporty, fashionable, stylish, and with a chic style. The site presents a variety of women’s clothing. These are beautiful dresses, comfortable leggings, shorts and skirts. All the goods are divided into categories, which greatly simplifies the search for the right thing. Separately presented sale, on which clothes are sold at a reduced cost. And Halara promo codes provide an additional opportunity to receive tangible discounts. Photos of customers allow you to clearly see how this or that thing fits and looks, and make a decision to buy.

What is Halara?
Halara is the name of an activewear fashion brand and an online platform, which was founded in 2020 in Hong Kong and today is based in New York, selling its height-quality garments at affordable prices all over the globe. The brand has gained its popularity mainly through TikTok.

In terms of visual identity, Halara looks very progressive and design-centered. The logo of the famous brand has several interesting details — the custom typeface, and an interesting color palette with abstract accents.

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Halara Logo

The Halara logo is composed of two parts — the logotype and the emblem — which can be used separately or together, depending on the needs of the company. The emblem of the brand is a solid green circle with a bold white capital “H” in the corporate font, and two small circles of different sizes — pink and yellow, placed in the upper part of the badge. For the mobile icon, the green circle turns into a square with rounded angles.

The uppercase logotype, which accompanies the Halara emblem, is also often used on its own. The inscription is set in intense green letters on a white background and is executed on a fancy custom typeface, based on one of the modern sans-serif fonts, with additional modified details.

Font and color

Halara Emblem

The uppercase lettering from the primary logo of the Halara brand is set in a sleek designer typeface with smoothly curved elements in the capital characters “H” and “R”. Overall, the inscription in this insignia uses a font, which is based on one of the commercial types, such as Sweet Sans Bold Small Caps, Bristone Bold, or Biondi Sans Bold, but with two modified characters.

As for the color palette of the Halara visual identity, it is one of the main elements of the brand’s logo. The combination of green, yellow, and pink creates a super cool and stylish composition, which makes the brand stand out in the list of its competitors, and perfectly represents the essence of Halara and its active philosophy.